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Title: Waste your time
Post by: aleks on 2007-04-15 21:30:49

I think we could do better, couldn't we?

EDIT... well... after a bit of tryin around I'm not that sure anymore... one hell of an engine they've set up... Just one example:

Q20.  Ich schätze, dass es Lutschbonbons ist?
  Ja  ,  Nein , Dicht dran
19.        Würde man es verschenken? Ja.
18.        Kann es gestrichen werden? Nein.
17.        Macht es Lärm? Nein.
16.        Kann es gewaschen werden? Nein.
15.        Bekommt man es in einer Kiste? Nein.
14.        Ist es kleiner als ein Brotlaib? Ja.
13.        Ist es flach? Nein.
12.        Ist es ein synthetisches Material? Nein.
11.        Wird es von Basketballspielern verwendet? Nein.
10.        Ist es hart? Ja.
9.        Hat es Blätter? Nein.
8.        Ist es brennbar? Ja.
7.        Ist es groß? Nein.
6.        Kann es scharren? Nein.
5.        Kennen Sie Lieder darüber? Nein.
4.        Würde man es auf einem Bauernhof finden? Nein.
3.        Bringt es Menschen Freude? Ja.
2.        Geht es kaputt, wenn es runterfällt? Nein.
1.        Es wird als etwas Anderes eingestuft.
And it was damn right...

EDIT2: but then again... it's a database, some neural networking and a pattern-matcher, alongside with some probability calculations maybe...
The problem is: it's well trained... over 50 000 000 experiments... has a big audience for sure.
Title: Re: Waste your time
Post by: Kilian on 2007-04-16 10:52:49
Cool. At the first try, it needed 29 questions to get to my "Rucksack". Amazing, though.
Title: Re: Waste your time
Post by: aleks on 2007-04-16 11:46:15
It is very dependent on what you choose... and sometimes it's really fast... I tried "Neutronenstern"... it's first guess was "Quasar" after about 16 or 17 questions... after one more question (which seemed completely irrelevant) it got it. That's really even better than most humans could do :)
Title: Re: Waste your time
Post by: Kilian on 2007-07-07 18:02:16

Click on the Europe photo and read... and read... and read...
Title: Re: Waste your time
Post by: Kilian on 2007-07-15 23:40:24
Exam time. When you suddenly discover your passion for games like Sokoban and tend to find much more funny stuff on the Web than usual. For example:


The bit about the parsing algorithm is my favorite.
Title: Re: Waste your time
Post by: aleks on 2007-07-16 11:21:56
Brilliant. That's what I'm wasting my time with at the moment