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Title: Website
Post by: Anna on 2006-11-17 18:16:22
Yes. What about it? Is it 'in progress'?
As far as I know Johannes is pretty busy right now... Anyone willing to help him with it?
Well, I MIGHT be able to talk to my brother again, though he is doing some sort of project right now, but then again I'm his beloved little evil sister  :roll:  :wink:
Title: Website
Post by: Kilian on 2006-11-18 14:07:35
Johannes' problem was, as far as I know, finding any real content for the web site. At the moment, I think this forum is really all we need... or isn't it?
Title: Website
Post by: Anna on 2006-11-18 15:56:17
Ok, lets leave that as a topic for the next FS-meeting :) Which I won't be able to be at...
Title: Website
Post by: johannes on 2006-11-18 17:10:39
Yes, Kilian is right. I have the files from the old webpage here and some time ago I also had a look at them. Problem is: It's all quite outdated and only a tiny fraction of the old text can be reused. Therefore I postponed the design of a new site (which I would definitely suggest, since the old one is also on a very backward technological level) until it is foreseeable how much content and what kind of content it will host. Once the content is provided (or agreed on), I do not think I shall need any more help. I am indeed under time pressure, but after all - who of you isn't? I am not member of the Fachschaft to do nothing...

See you tomorrow,
Title: Website
Post by: Kilian on 2006-11-18 21:46:03
Das hast du schön gesagt. [ksf 4.3] :D

Wer jetzt nicht weiß, was ksf bedeutet, kann es sich unter http://www.bruhaha.de/dsf.html zusammenreimen.
Title: Website
Post by: Kilian on 2006-11-28 19:06:11
The official address of our web site, as it turns out, not http://www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/fachschaft/ (just a visible redirect), but http://www.fs-sprachwissenschaft.uni-tuebingen.de. An invisible redirect is not as possible as I thought it was.
Title: Re: Website
Post by: Anna on 2006-12-28 21:20:50
I found this by chance today: http://www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/inst98/node8.htm and it's (to put it lightly) overdue... ;)

(not that I'm crazy enough to believe that anyone will read this before next year ;) )

btw. happy new year!
Title: Re: Website
Post by: aleks on 2006-12-29 18:15:15
I've read it!

So you think we need a new text to (re)present the Fachschaft online at our ugly SfS-Website?
Um... right, some of the stuff there should be changed, TaCoS (I prefer KoCos) should be mentioned and the like... volunteers?

In my opinion the text has just to be changed a little bit. Or how about linking it directly to our page... wouldn't be that ugly either?

Will our sysadmin be able to change the link over holidays? :)

Regards, and a happy new year to y'all,
Title: Re: Website
Post by: Armin on 2007-01-01 21:03:25
Flar has been working there 9 (nine) years ago?! Anyway, this document doesn't claim to be up to date. It is the state of 1998 and nothing else. Nothing to be concerned about.

Frohes neues Jahr!