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Title: Fachschaft meeting 2007-01-15 (?)
Post by: Kilian on 2007-01-10 14:37:16
I hope you all had a nice break and wish you a happy new year. I'm volunteering to go to the Brecht-Bau-Plenum this week, maybe finally finding out which room we will have at the Hausfest on 15 January. Anybody want to join so I'm not the only linguist there? ;)

To talk about how we organize our selling drinks (and maybe food?) and the decoration for our room at the Hausfest, I suggest that we meet next Monday (15 January), 4 PM, at Saints and Scholars (pub opposite the SfS). Is that okay?

If you can't come and haven't already done so, please e-mail me before that during which hours you'd volunteer to do a shift behind the bar.