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Title: And now for something completely different
Post by: Anna on 2007-01-18 10:19:05
Yes, what are your interests aside from linguistics?
Anyone else here in love with Umberto Eco, Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard?
Undercover poets? Konkrete Poesie?
Wanderlust - can't help yourself, have to travel, or else...
Art maybe? Reduktive Kunst? Contemplative or more practically?
And music - anyone playing instruments? I have only some skills in recorder c/f...
Will I find anyone to play Wh40k with me? :> Kroot under Tzeentch here :)
Something very un-linguistical: sports? Haven't heard of any other fencing enthusiasts among linguists except for Charlotte and me.

I'm cutting it short (syntax class coming up ;)). I don't believe that your interests end with the grammar of a language!

Best wishes
Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: johannes on 2007-01-18 14:27:39
Kierkegaard - definitely. Nothing beats having read "Entweder - Oder" / "Enten - eller" (in English? Either - Or???) in darker days *g*.
Other Philosophers: Davidson, Wittgenstein.

Cello - well, don't ask. A lot of pratice to be gained. Ask again in a few years...

Writers: E.T.A. Hoffmann, Shakespeare, Pratchett, Camus.

Sort of boring to list your "interests". Resembles my StudiVZ account, anyway.

Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: aleks on 2007-01-18 15:51:38
Ha, Bass.

Bass. Bassmen do it deeper. Or as Goethe put it:

Wenn das Gebäude widerschallt,
Fühlt man erst recht,
des Basses Grundgewalt.

(Faust I.)

I'm in love with 'em. Here's my darling: http://www.musik-produktiv.de/bilder2/00/31/29/003129188xl.jpg (http://www.musik-produktiv.de/bilder2/00/31/29/003129188xl.jpg)

Apart from that I'm into the more recent development in Philosophy including Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche (Oh, yes, Nietzsche... ) and maybe Hans Jonas. I hate Kant. I do really hate him...

Almost as much as I hate sports... :D
And I like literature and poetry (Dostojewski, Celan... etc pp)
I have a weakness kept secret... (for science fiction...)

And I love drawing and arts in general and Monet, Dali and Kienholz in particular. A lot more I can't resemble right now. Check out this homepage. It's really worth visiting:

Oh yes, and I am very interested in the open source community and free OSs... things like the (linux) kernel or freedesktop... not the X server though. That's an ugly piece of software...

That's my yabloiocl (yet another boring list of interest of a computational linguist)
Anyone else?
Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: Armin on 2007-01-18 17:00:12
My favourites:

Scottish Ceilidh dancing (mondays). Scottish Country Dancing (tuesdays). Bretonic folk dances (thursdays). More folk dancing (French, Israelian, Greek, Macedonian, Medieval; wednesdays).

Sewing medieval clothes, whenever I find the time for such fancy things. The next dress is for my girlfriend. Then I'll finish my boots.

Similar for music (listening only, I'm terrible with an instrument in my hands): medieval and folk, gothic and metal.

Archery at Tübingen's castle. Just started. Very cool thing.

Origami. The times I was good enough to create my own designs are long gone. Art is so much better if it's simplistic and almost formal.

Cooking. You know my kitchen :) Well, not all of you. We could change that.

Eating. Except Mensa.

Cycling. 1850km last august.

Strictly no philosophy. No sports (except the ones mentioned).
Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: DrNI on 2007-01-18 17:48:51
I'm in love with 'em. Here's my darling: http://www.musik-produktiv.de/bilder2/00/31/29/003129188xl.jpg (http://www.musik-produktiv.de/bilder2/00/31/29/003129188xl.jpg)

Just to show off... ;-)

Mostly used for the blues in my band Delta B. Apart from that, several keyboards/synthesizers currently used for all kinds of things, among those creating melodies from treebanks... http://www.drni.de/blog/archives/158-Track-6-Computational-Linguistics-From-Treebanks-to-Melodies.html

My dream is a grand piano. Hypotheizing having won the lottery jackpot. ;)

Concerts are great. Went to see/listen to Wolfgang Dauner recently. The person I could be after approx 512 years of practising. Also great: movies in movie theaters. Not Hollywood stuff though. If time and money permit. ISCL = not as much spare time as other students...

Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: Anna on 2007-01-19 01:10:53
Writers? Kafka, Eco, Tolkien, Lewis, Hašek, early Dickens, Mendoza... Ok, I'll say it - Radford ;) Sadly most of my books stayed in Poland and I'm forgetting a bunch of my old favorites...

Hate Nietzsche and Kant - I have a friend who studies philosophy and we argue about these two all the time :)

Poetry... Shit, you won't know anyone of these except for Wordsworth and Dante... Szymborska, Herbert, Leśmian, Staff, Zagajewski, Mickiewicz, Krasiński, Grochowiak, Gałczyński, Miłosz... Shakespeare is fun but is too omnipresent...

Folk dancing is also nice, but cooking... That is a skill I shall never acquire ;)

Johannes - boring? Well maybe but this can give us the possibility to talk more about our interests, there is potential for many great conversations and arguments here :)
Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: johannes on 2007-01-19 01:43:55
'boring' as referring to form, not to content. *g*

Still, you find out interesting stuff you didn't know about fellow humans (=Mitmenschen?).

Armin, Origami? Structure as an art - by the way, music isn't much different (if you don't play it with too much emotion *g*)

Kant can be fun, but never take him too seriously - lethal!
Title: Re: And now for something completely different
Post by: Kilian on 2007-01-19 11:52:25
Theater! Acting, choreography, light, music, simple and abstract requisites --- discussing, editing sound, planning light, rehearsing, printing posters and tickets... sadly, that's something I haven't found the time for (or say: pursued eagerly enough) since school days.

Writers: Gilbert Adair, Michael Ende (Momo, Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch, Das Gefängnis der Freiheit, Jim Knopf und die wilde 13...), Douglas Adams (everybody knows the Hitchhiker "trilogy", but I like Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency best), Max Goldt.................................... (das "usw." muss so lang sein wie die Radien der Erdbahn)


Music. Whatever I like. Mixed playlist.

Musicians of that I own complete CDs: Fallin Cube, Wise Guys, Foyer des Arts, Joachim Witt, Goldfrapp, 2raumwohnung, Wir sind Helden, Edvard Grieg, Erik Satie, Jimi Tenor.

Art. Architecture. Yeah. Always like to look at cities.

Cartoons. Simpsons. Futurama. Family Guy.

Sports? Nothing beyond daily cycling.

Witty short texts of any kind. Can be blog entries, jokes, funny quotations, miniature stories (for example by Kafka) or poems by Ernst Jandl.