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Parties and Events / Re: End-of-Semester-Party
« on: 2007-02-12 20:22:19 »
i'd like to add my vote to a goth party! how fun! hohohoho

too bad i threw away my spiky collar i wore for halloween one year...

Parties and Events / Re: Brechtbaufest - Cleanup
« on: 2007-01-30 10:46:12 »
oh i still have the picture i shot of you and charlotte!

and thanks from me to johannes!

jon :)

Clubhausfest... We can always try... Others will start recognizing us, generally computational linguists as party people!

BBPlenum -- sorry, no can do on Thursday, every time I miss a training something awful happens to me... Nope, not exaggerating.

Jon, Kilian - you guys (sorry for the pun) have no idea how grateful I am not to be on any of the photos!  ;D ;)

Parties and Events / Re: Gästeliste, Tasks BBFest, Drinks
« on: 2007-01-25 18:09:13 »
i went to the bank today and now have €200 in €5s, €2s, €1s, and 50-cent coins (to be split between the 2 cash boxes).

i will also bring my tea lights, and my small-ish american and german flags that i bought for the winter olympics last year but was too embarrassed to wave. hahahaha.

i'll be there at 1 to help with the aufbau, so i don't know if i have enough stamina to stay the whole night. we'll see!

jon :)

Small talk / Snow Patrol coming to Stuttgart
« on: 2006-11-25 12:01:35 »
hey all--

i just found out snow patrol is coming to stuttgart on 8.2 and i was thinking of going. anyone want to come along? tickets are ~€25.


General topics / Money money money
« on: 2006-11-15 19:36:00 »
yeah, i was hoping there was a way to do it without having to register, since it DID say when publishing it would be publicly available, but alas.

if people are really interested, i can try and research another way.


EDIT: there are high hopes that a publish without logging in feature will be coming soon. apparently you can do it for text documents (ex-writely), but not for spreadsheets, so i'll assume it's coming soon.

General topics / Money money money
« on: 2006-11-15 16:44:23 »
as my first (ok, second, after opening an account) act as treasurer, i will be keeping financial records online.

behold our impressive account balance:

EDIT: You no longer need a Google account to access the above. It's visible to all.

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