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General topics / Spam Protect
« on: 2008-11-16 10:04:01 »
Hi folks,

is there a possibility to have stronger spam protection here? I'm reading the forum in my feed reader. It is somewhat annoying to sit in the office having closeups of certain body parts on the screen. Apart from that single case, the text-based spam is simply annoying.


Parties and Events / meeting after the meeting
« on: 2008-04-14 13:40:06 »
Hi folks,

I hereby suggest to meet after the intro meeting at Saints & Scholars.

I guess this is what would happen anyways if we would leave as a group
of people instead of sequentially sneaking out of the lecture room.

So lets synchronize our threads with Guinness!

I will X-post this to the ISCL mailinglist.


Parties and Events / Meeting after the Intro Meeting
« on: 2007-10-13 14:33:51 »
Should announce in the Intro Meeting to join for a drink afterwards? Where?

Hello everybody,
the below invitation by Ramon found its way to the studies@youknowtheusualdomainnames but it seems not everybody is registered there. I changed any e-mail addresses in order to have a little protection. ;-) {domain}


Fellow ISCL students,

when we (the 2003 batch of B.A. students) started our studies, we set up
mailing lists to be able to communicate among each other easily.

The lists have since seen regular usage and have been very helpful in
sharing information related to our studies (e.g. key qualification
issues, Softwarepraktikum questions, and much more). We also announced
and discussed social events in the area (parties, concerts, etc.) there,
which has also turned out to be quite handy.

So far, members of the lists included only students of our year. But as
some of us have gone to other places and many new students have arrived,
we feel that this is not appropriate anymore. Thus, we decided to open
the lists to a wider audience.

So this is where you come in:

*All* ISCL students (B.A. and M.A.) of *all* semesters are hereby
cordially invited to join the following mailing lists:

iscl-stud@{domain} - for matters related to studies, courses and the like

iscl-talk@{domain} - for anything else: social events, gossip, etc

To subscribe, you need to visit and , respectively, and enter your name
and email address.
To unsubscribe, just go to the same page and follow the instructions.

The lists are generously hosted and administered by Niels Ott (1st
semester M.A.), so contact him at niels@{domain} in case there is any
technical problem.

Currently, the lists are unmoderated and can be posted to by
non-members. If everyone behaves, this will stay that way  :-)

A last remark: These lists are not affiliated with the SfS or the

Hope to see you there soon!


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