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Parties and Events / Christmas Party
« on: 2007-12-11 12:33:39 »
You suckers ;D - we didn't even manage to organize an Ersti-Party. So let's at least have a great Christmas party! I think next Thursday would be a great idea. Friday's too late, Wednesday too early.

Let's buy... what exactly? We have some drinks left from Hubert's party but we'll need some more stuff.
So: beer, non-alcoholic beverage... (a bottle of apple-juce should do it, eh? :P)
I can take care of the music - will ask Ramon about amplification.

Where? Again in the entrance hall or shall we try to get one of the Seminar-rooms?

People just keep asking me about it, you know?

Desi is ready to help in whatever way she can. Problem is: if it's on Thursday I'll have to leave at 23:00 - or we'll just keep partying on till 4 a.m. :)

Common people, I wanna see some motivation. Who's got a car to go shopping?

Parties and Events / Erstiparty '07
« on: 2007-10-22 11:22:19 »
OK dudes, honestly, we should think about our Ersti-Party. I'm already making a playlist for that party and I think we should have it before November. Which would imply having it this weekend - maybe a bit short, isn't it?

Whatever, we could also think about next weekend. Or Wednesday next week? But, wouldn't many people prefer to go somewhere else then?

OK, so lets start two discussions: one about WHEN, the other about WHAT.

Friday 26th, Wednesday 31st, Friday 2nd?

Drinks: Hubert's stuff & whatver the Fachschaft buys. Cars, anybody?
Music: we need some amplification. I'll talk to Ramon next time I see him. My laptop's speakers are really not going to do the trick. I extended my music collection in the past few weeks and am currently... looking for new stuff. Expect lunatic bagpipe-metal and related stuff.
Location: as usual?
Motto: weird (computational) linguists dressed randomly? Or black, as usual? Or do we care at all?


General topics / New Schedule online
« on: 2007-10-11 14:03:30 »
New schedule for ISCL and GenLing is on line.

I'm not much of a designer, so it's  ugly, but it gets the job done. Additions, corrections: PM or e-mail me!

PS: Darn, I just had a look at Germanistik's and Anglistik's 'Vorlesungsverzeichnis' - they're like... 5 orders of magnitude more offerings for general Linguistics than here, but they all sound booooooooooriiiing... + they don't fit in such a neat & nice timetable. (Actually, my layout algorithm would be able to do that, I think)

Small talk / Open Source Search Engine
« on: 2007-07-31 12:31:22 »
I just stumbled across this article on /.. Seems Wikia is finally up to the challange to create an open source search engine - not that it didn't exist without it. Indeed, Grub has been around for quite a while, but it was pretty dead.

Now all we can do is to hope that it won't be another brain damaged project and will actually work. It's about time a p2p open source search engine would pop up.

Small talk / World Music
« on: 2007-06-16 16:34:13 »
Hey folks :D

There's currently a thread on [iscl-talk] about Bulgarian music but I would also like to extend it to any kind of traditional music. As the forum should currently experience some traffic from outside our Fachschaft as TaCoS is currently attracting some visitors (or at least I hope so... ::))

I think I'll just repost what's already there... why am I doing this? Well, almost everybody I show this music to immediately goes something like `WOW! that's awesome!' - the only problem is, that this kind of music is usually not so popular and people just don't know what they're missing!

So, I'll just repost my mail here ;)


Hi Maria,

   thanks very much for the song! It's really quite beautiful and the
first time I heard of Nevena. Interesting this showed up on such a
trivial show as `Idol' where usually only pop-songs are performed.
    You know, Dales `Statistics in NLP' lecture has a very bad influence on
my purse. That's because every time I do the homework I somehow _have_ to go
to amazon and consider buying music. That last homework cost me 50€ but it
seems amazon's not in a hurry to deliver it - July they say...
*mumble* *mumble*...
I bought four Bulgarian CDs and one from a Mongolian Band (Huun-Huur Tu) -
well not actually Mongolian but Tuvan. They have a web page here:

What's really interesting though is their fantastic collaboration with a
Bulgarian band called `Angelite'. There's a video on YouTube here:

This song really makes me think of leaving my studies and go live in the
Mongolian desert... it's very beautiful.[1] `Angelite' is currently one of
the best Bulgarian choirs (you can search for them on YouTube - there's
another video of their performance in an Icelandic (!) church) and
Huun-Huur Tu being one of the most widely known Mongolian bands this
results in a really stunning kind of music. But you should maybe not
listen to it if you are too happy because it is rather melancholic (as
most Bulgarian music is - I don't yet know about Tuvan music but it
seems similar in mood... )

Anywas, thanks for the link. I think I'll consider re-posting this
thread to the fachschaft-forums as it has quite a lot of audience right
now because of the TaCoS.


 [1] And, believe it or not, I consider that to be a /positive/ influence

Small talk / Oh internet, oh internet...
« on: 2007-04-26 23:53:02 »
... how beautiful are your leaf-nodes.

Like this:

And even worse, this:

What the hell is going on in Asia?

So let's collect what curiosities we find 'round the net right here. ;)

Small talk / Waste your time
« on: 2007-04-15 21:30:49 »

I think we could do better, couldn't we?

EDIT... well... after a bit of tryin around I'm not that sure anymore... one hell of an engine they've set up... Just one example:

Q20.  Ich schätze, dass es Lutschbonbons ist?
  Ja  ,  Nein , Dicht dran
19.        Würde man es verschenken? Ja.
18.        Kann es gestrichen werden? Nein.
17.        Macht es Lärm? Nein.
16.        Kann es gewaschen werden? Nein.
15.        Bekommt man es in einer Kiste? Nein.
14.        Ist es kleiner als ein Brotlaib? Ja.
13.        Ist es flach? Nein.
12.        Ist es ein synthetisches Material? Nein.
11.        Wird es von Basketballspielern verwendet? Nein.
10.        Ist es hart? Ja.
9.        Hat es Blätter? Nein.
8.        Ist es brennbar? Ja.
7.        Ist es groß? Nein.
6.        Kann es scharren? Nein.
5.        Kennen Sie Lieder darüber? Nein.
4.        Würde man es auf einem Bauernhof finden? Nein.
3.        Bringt es Menschen Freude? Ja.
2.        Geht es kaputt, wenn es runterfällt? Nein.
1.        Es wird als etwas Anderes eingestuft.
And it was damn right...

EDIT2: but then again... it's a database, some neural networking and a pattern-matcher, alongside with some probability calculations maybe...
The problem is: it's well trained... over 50 000 000 experiments... has a big audience for sure.

Parties and Events / Clubhausfest
« on: 2007-02-07 03:50:51 »
Hello folks!

The Fachschaft has received a letter of the Vollverammlung where we were invited to make a Clubhausfest.

To those of you that are not familiar with it:
Clubhausfest is a party at the Clubhaus (it's just on the other opposite side of the Wilhemstraße, facing Neue Aula) and it's  somewhat comparable to the Brechtbaufest, but smaller, of course. It's every Thursday throughout the semester and it means one hell of a lot of work for us - but maybe also quite some money. Some Fachschaften are pretty legendary for their Clubhausfeste and maybe we could give it a try.

If we want to, we should apply for a date soon, meaning: before Feb. 12th. (that's next Monday). We have to tell them three dates: our favored one, our second in favor and the third...

There's one restriction to the date however: I advise you to not do it on June 14th, since that's TaCoS's day and we probably won't have enough capacities.

Remember: If we are going to do this, we need all members of the Fachschaft and probably even some more people.

As I said: don't underestimate the workload, but it can mean a lot of fun as well and almost every Fachschaft organizes one or another Clubhausfest and it could again fill our bank accounts - maybe even in a similar way than BB-Hausfest.
But I am not that familiar with the topic and I think Johannes and probably Armin know more about it.

Regards Aleks

(Oh, yes, I forgot to cast my vote: I think we should try to get a date and do it after TaCoS, that is, applying for the end of June or beginning of July!)

Small talk / Happenings - Nonlinguistical...
« on: 2007-02-04 06:09:20 »
... but maybe musical!

Hello folks, I'm still looking for some nice people around there to spend a few days at important events this summer... It may seem quite early to you, but I just want to see where the bunnies walking  (to translate a German idiom poorly)

I'm interested in visiting the Burg Herzberg Festival as well as

The prior being the major hippie-event in Germany (yes I know, how *aleks* from me) and the latter being the musical act across Europe!

Sziget has a wishlist where you can enter names of bands you would like to see!

Anybody interested in having a nice party?

Of course you could post you suggestions here as well!

Regards, Aleks

General topics / Klausurenordner
« on: 2007-02-02 07:25:31 »
Hey there!

This was discussed at the Plenum yesterday (everything else is either only interesting for TaCoS or not even interesting at all for us... the meeting was pretty short):

As maybe some of you know, there's the habit to have a "Prüfungsordner" where protocols of (oral) exams ("Prüfungen, Klausuren"), theses and whatsoever are being stored and preserved for generations to come. They can then look up what all this stuff is all about. Either as Erstis who are just curious what's going to strike them some semesters later, or as a student who's just going to write an important exam this could come quite handy. (This last sentence doesn't seem to be too correct in sense of grammaticality. Sorry. Not able to do any better right now)

The folders in Brechtbau are empty (for some obscure reason) and we want to start that as a new project to fill them... shall our Fachschaft participate?

Regards, Aleks

Parties and Events / End-of-Semester-Party
« on: 2007-01-31 14:42:47 »
Hey there,

Guy and I had the idea to have another party at the SfS or maybe somewhere else, similar to the first party we did. How about last Friday of this semester, being 16th of Feb.?

Some people (including me) have a syntax seminar afterwards, but hey, don't be ridiculous, we can have a party anyways... at least a small one, right before everyone gets back home...

I think the Fachschaft has done some great deal to bring folks from the different courses closer together... we should keep up the good work.


Regards, Aleks

Small talk / Stechowriositätenkabinett
« on: 2007-01-25 22:18:36 »

Ich mach mal den Anfang:

Ein Tippfehler (but statt put) inspirierte zu folgender dichterischer Glanzleistung:

"Put put put mein Hänchen,
 put put put mein Hahn,
 Ich wollt' ich wär' kein Mädchen,
 Ich wollt' ich wär ein Mann."

Und heute:
"Wie lautet der Schlachtruf der Kosaken? Hacken!"

Alles nur lustig, wenn man Insider ist...

Aber Laura, Anne und Armin haben bestimmt noch mehr.

Parties and Events / Gästeliste, Tasks BBFest, Drinks
« on: 2007-01-15 15:31:05 »
OK, I think this should go into a separate topic to be easy to look up.

Who will do what on the Fest?

This has to be decided quickly. I'll open a list in the first post of this topic and will update it according to mails and replies to this it. The list should be finished end of this week.

There's also a list of what we are going to buy at the end of the post. This, too will be kept up to date. We should also include a... err... Kostenvoranschlag? An estimation of the money everything's goin to cost.

  • Guy (Baarkeeping)
  • Aleks (Baarkeeping)
  • Bela (Bar)
  • Charlotte (Bar, The Aufbau)
  • Nomi (Bar)
  • Kilian (Bar and anything else... )
  • Laura (Deco/Cleaning?)
  • Anna (Aufbau?)
  • Armin
  • Johannes (Ehre dem, der den Besen schwingt)
  • Ramon
  • Jon

  • Guy (the Kubani one :))
  • Aleks (me)
  • Bela
  • Charlotte
  • Nomi
  • Kilian

  • Guy and his girlfriend
  • Charlotte

Spending Friday afternoon in BB (Aufbau)
  • Jon (thumbs up!)
  • Kilian
  • Kubaniguy
  • Aleks

Cleaning till the early mornin' (Abräumen)
  • Johannes
  • Laura
  • Armin

  • Will Ramón (is that written correctly?) bring his HiFi?
  • I can bring my computer... although I have a bad feeling about this...
  • Nils maybe?

  • I'm sure as hell Laura will volunteer ;) (Your tree was nice :))

  • Glasses
  • Ice
  • Cachaca
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Wine (Red) (I can get some nice cheap Bulgarian)
  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Orange
what else? Can't think of too much right now, because I've got to catch my train...

Small talk / For the next meeting...
« on: 2007-01-07 20:18:57 »
Hey there. Hope You all had some nice vacations...

I wanted to propose a little game for the next meeting... It's called Bullshit-Bingo and although I only just heard about it, it's already my favorite game :D

Here's a link:

Let's fill it with linguistic nonsense and see what happens at an everyday-fachschaft meeting... :D


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