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Small talk / Quotes: Ereignissemantik
« on: 2007-11-03 13:14:22 »
Student: "Die nächste Analyse, die Davidson betrachtet, ist die von Kissholm (Chisholm), oder wie spricht man den aus?"
- lange Pause -
Professor: "Der ist auch schon lange tot."

" "Fritz wird gerne geschlagen" kann ja auch ambig sein..."

Small talk / Quotes: Perl
« on: 2007-11-03 13:12:07 »
"Store this in your memory"

"A Java compiler would say WHAT?! Singular what? Singular string? Stringular number?"

"Java was developed by really serious peolple who worked for a real company. Perl was developed by hackers who just threw in lots of different things."

Monologue about console command "finger":
"So who are you fingering? If you're fingering yourself... ...everything you want people to see of you if they finger you is in .plan..."

Kilian: "What actually happens if you finger on ['juːnɪks]?" (not much, probably)

Parties and Events / The start is near...
« on: 2007-10-04 12:51:04 »
...and we are all doomed...

Has anybody already thought about a start-of-semester party?

What kind should it be?

If we postpone it long enough, we could make it a Halloween party, which would surely please all the dark people.

Besides, will we partly take over the counseling job now that Hubert is gone, or will we trust in others to do that? (Damn, should have asked him to leave us his "What-you-should-do-in-your-minor"-slides...) Any news (or, let's say, permittedly spreadable information...) about how many new students there will be?

General topics / Evaluation for block seminars?
« on: 2007-02-03 18:34:46 »
As every year, there will be block seminars taught in the week after the end of the WiSe and also in the week before the SoSe starts. I've attended several such block seminars throughout my life as a student and never once was handed an evaluation form at the end of such a seminar (in contrast to the ones we have to fill out for every regular seminar...). However, if these seminars are never evaluated, some of them will be taught year after year by the same person in the same manner without ever improving - in some cases, you could call that stagnation tragical. I suggest the Fachschaft take care that these seminars are treated like the regular ones even in that respect: either ask the people in charge of evaluation to consider these seminars, too, or get some evaluation forms, hand them out and collect them ourselves and then give them to whoever usually evaluates them (confront them with the facts ;))...

Parties and Events / Things needed for BBfest
« on: 2007-01-17 12:51:30 »
- ice: 20 - 25 kg
- coolers: as many as possible, if you have one bring it
- refrigerators: at least one
- the 4 old monitors from the Verfügungsgebäude's basement
- flags of all the countries we have students from; if you own a flag, please lend it to us for decoration purposes
- shakers and other mixing devices; punch bowls?
- buckets and icepicks
- a person with a car to go shopping for all the stuff at Metro's this Saturday together with Guy
- volunteers for cutting lemons ;-)

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