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Parties and Events / Re: Christmas party
« on: 2006-12-18 18:13:07 »
Äh, wann war eigentlich nochmal die Party?


General topics / Re: New forum software
« on: 2006-12-18 18:12:05 »
Well, let's look forward to the christmas holidays where we all will have plenty of time since we delayed *all* our activities and learning targets to exactly those 15 days...

PS: if you need some help with the board administration, contact me!

Regards, aleks

Parties and Events / Re: Christmas party
« on: 2006-12-18 13:31:16 »
Sinnig wäre meiner Meinung nach ein Laptop, der an die Stereoanlage angeschlossen ist. Das tuts für unseren Fall ganz sicher.

Ich stell meinen zur Verfügung, liest alle gängigen Audioformate und hat ein paar Gigs Musik schon mit dabei. Externe Festplatten, USB Sticks, CDs, DVDs und remote Server sind willkommen.

Aber bitte, erinnert mich daran, dass ich den Wasserkocher mitbringe, falls sich kein anderer dazu bereit erklärt.

Parties and Events / Re: Christmas party
« on: 2006-12-17 11:34:01 »
Du, lass mal. Bevor wir das SfS in Brans setzen (Advent, Advent, das Verfügunsgebäude brennt), Hol ich doch lieber mal meinen Wasserkocher... der reist dann zwar aus Reutlingen hierher...

Wenn also jemand anders lieber seinen Wasserkocher sehen würde, bitte...

General topics / Re: New forum software
« on: 2006-12-17 11:29:59 »

This certainly looks nicer...

bla bla bla

But the smileys suck... well, can't have everything.

Good work, Kilian.

Parties and Events / Christmas party
« on: 2006-12-15 12:21:37 »
Hm, brauchen wir eigentlich noch Geld?

Soll ich noch jemanden fragen?
Musik kann ich mitbringen, aber nichts weihnachtliches (Equilibrium? Das ist wahrscheinlich am weihnachtlichsten von allem, was ich hab ;))

Vielleicht ein paar Plätzchen, aber ich muss noch schauen.
Grüße, Aleks

General Linguistics / Sam and the Coathangers
« on: 2006-12-11 16:15:10 »
Aber Armin, das ist doch nicht der Witz der Sache.

Der Witz der Sache ist nämlich, ähm, also wenn wir uns diesen Satz mal anschauen. Der Witz der Sache ist also, also...

Es ist immer wieder lustig, zu sehen, dass die Sachen, die man da gerade lernt, erst vor ein paar Tagen so wirklich Gestalt angenommen haben :) (Das ist der Witz der Sache ;))

Anne sollte eine relativ vollständige Liste aller verbalen Ausrutscher unserer Dozenten haben

(Übrigens find ich den Skeemer grad nimmer... sorry)

Grüße, aleks

General topics / Fachschaft meeting 2006-12-14
« on: 2006-12-11 16:11:21 »
Right after chirstmas, I promise ;)

Have a nice meeting, and please, inform the Auslaenders and the Semanticists about the going.


General Linguistics / Sam and the Coathangers
« on: 2006-12-11 14:36:32 »
I already got one from Frank:

" ... because, You know, things the computer scientists do are mostly trivial. "

That's from the last semester :)

We should count how often he uses the word "trivial" per lesson... I got the feeling it were about 50 times this time...

General Linguistics / Sam and the Coathangers
« on: 2006-12-11 11:33:37 »
I dunno whether it's on my hard disk still...

Well, whatever. How about making our own ISCL fortune cookie? Just collect the quotations and put the cookie somewhere online (probably Fachschaftswebsite...)

General topics / Fachschaft meeting 2006-12-14
« on: 2006-12-09 22:24:43 »
Anas, You're not getting the point.

You have a life!


Using mostly self-soldered cables... (Audio, though)

Thank god I'm not the only one.

Well, I've never tried to solder a VGA cable but this should not be too hard (But I think we're talking about cinch, which is not too hard to come up with) . As for Toslink cables and the like: well, we don't need them...

Regarding the course of the party: well, let's just be prepared for whatever the people want to do and have a great time. ;)

Regards, aleks

Quote from: "Kilian"

I should have such cables at home. If not, I'm quite good with the soldering iron and could make one up.

That's SO Aleks :D

What's the matter? :o


Whatever, we could always improvise a good solution to any problem...
I don't like the idea of having the party in Hubert's place. It's too remote and I'm always bound to the last train for example.

About a gender changer: well, there a two types of cables. Males and Females. The terminology is quite depictive, so I won't bother to explain it here. Google gives a good list of gender changers.
Don't look at the prices, I can buy one for 3,50 €. Or again use the soldering iron ;). Or, we could borrow one from Wolfgang, I bought one for him recently as some stupid person screwed things up with the cable in room 0.01.

The NTSC issue could become problematic if the beamer does not understand NTSC. But it should be supported if the beamer is sufficiently new. We could check that in the next few days.

Regards, aleks

General topics / Fachschaft meeting 2006-12-14
« on: 2006-12-09 20:41:48 »
4pm no
6pm no,
8pm yes, if somebody agrees to carry my to the room and bind me onto a chair so I don't fall over...

Well, seems that some of the 3rd semester students and some others (the first semester Auslaenders) have to rely on the forum again...  :roll:

Regards, aleks

I should have such cables at home. If not, I'm quite good with the soldering iron and could make one up.

Furthermore, there is a beamer for the first floor hat is used as needed as the rooms don't have built in beamers (afaik, might be wrong). We should ask Hubert about that. (Or Wolfgang or Christl).

We could also just be projecting visuals or the like.

Ramon, can You bring Your HiFi over again? Would be very nice of You :)

Eating, Drinking? Or are visuals enough?

Regards, aleks

PS: if it's Chris, the PlayStation is old

General topics / BB Plenum 30.11.2006
« on: 2006-12-06 13:51:15 »
What a pity. So how about making cocktails or stuff like that?

General topics / BB Plenum 30.11.2006
« on: 2006-12-05 10:54:25 »
I think that if we can't sell beer, we won't be allowed to sell anything else either.

That's *really* a pity. How are we going to get some € out of this Hausfest now?

And why are we not allowed to sell drinks while the Slavistics-Fachschaft obviously is (or was)?  :?

And who is going to sell the beer now?

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