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General topics / Fachschaft meeting 2006-12-14
« on: 2006-12-11 15:54:38 »
Well, that's pretty bad. I just discovered that both 6 and 8 pm would work for me after all (no forum scientiarum talk this week), but 4 is absolutely impossible because I've got semantics... and I expect you won't stay there until after 6, right? Sorry - then I can't attend the meeting.

General Linguistics / Sam and the Coathangers
« on: 2006-12-11 13:43:06 »
Aleks, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Don't tell me you deleted this supreme piece of artwork!  :cry:  The fortune cookies are a good idea! I'll ask Anne about more quotations.

General Linguistics / Sam and the Coathangers
« on: 2006-12-10 17:50:01 »
Nice... and what about all those funny quotes from Frank, Prof. Sternefeld, Prof. v. Stechow (well, concerning the latter, I'd better ask Anne...)? Eagerly waiting for more!  :wink:

Sometime during the last semester, Aleks drew a picture of the "Skeemer" - do you think that would fit in here?

General topics / Fachschaft meeting 2006-12-14
« on: 2006-12-10 17:30:02 »
4 pm - no, because of Semantics
6 pm - okay, but could only stay till shortly before 7
8 pm - probably not, unless you're planning to stay till after 9 or 10 - then I could meet you later...

@Anas: How come you've got so much time?

Small talk / Quotes of interest for linguists
« on: 2006-11-27 19:17:38 »
"...modern scientific linguistics, that ascetic fraternity of phonemes, that temple wherein earnest young people are taught not the language itself, but the method of teaching others to teach that method, which method, like a waterfall splashing from rock to rock, ceases to be a medium of rational navigation but perhaps in some fabulous future may become instrumental in evolving esoteric dialects - Basic Basque and so forth - spoken only by certain elaborate machines... " (Vladimir Nabokov, Pnin )

They have been at a great feast of languages, and stolen the scraps.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), "Love's Labour's Lost", Act 5 scene 1

Grüße an alle, die sich angesprochen fühlen! ;-)

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