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As I just heard from Katya, Elena Bilan will offer a course of elementary Chinese in the next semester.

Some people from the previous year took this course and are said to be very pleased with the course.

People interested have to form a group beforehand and tell Hubert Truckenbrodt.

Well, I'm in! Spread the word and make yourself heard if you want to learn some Chinese as well.

Jepiieeee! I'm in as well, no matter the cost!

That's really fantastic news, thanks, Kilian

In principle, I'd be interested, but: I don't even manage to learn the Turkish vocabulary, let alone any Russian I *should* learn, and there's still the option of becoming semantics tutor (in case HT doesn't find anyone else)... So I can't promise anything.  :-[

Great. I am "in" as well.

Chinese... that's close to English, right?

From an Arabic point of view... maybe :P


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