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Not that I am especially interested, but anyway I'd like to know next semester's courses. The  Vorlesungsverzeichnis seems unaccessible, even from within the SfS (I love penthesilea; when starting lynx, she complained about my cygwin-shell).

The pinboard was

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Sladjana Pavlovic
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Well, obviously not. So who's responsible?

Or do we - as usual - have to wait till next semester to finally see what courses we would have liked to be informed about a bit earlier?

Since there is virtually no evidence that Sladja ever reads this forum - *g* - I sent her an e-mail. That got errors on the ISCL website fixed before.

Bad idea, unfortunately. She's most probably not in Tübingen and it's highly unlikely that she has access there right now. However, I have no clue who else has.

We can continue this game: I keep e-mailing the obvious people, after which you tell me they're not in Tübingen. ;D How about Jochen?

He *should* have access, well: of course he has. If it's just an error with the permissions, he can correct that. If on the other hand it's simply that the KVV isn't meant to be public or just not available yet he can't do anything. I rather guess it's a content problem.


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