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Money money money


as my first (ok, second, after opening an account) act as treasurer, i will be keeping financial records online.

behold our impressive account balance:

EDIT: You no longer need a Google account to access the above. It's visible to all.

It's not that important in this case, but for future data like this I strongly suggest making things accessible without having to register with Google. I would really like to avoid that. Maybe it's a nace way of presenting things, but the data must be accessible without having a Google account.

Thanks nevertheless for taking the trouble to present an account balance...



yeah, i was hoping there was a way to do it without having to register, since it DID say when publishing it would be publicly available, but alas.

if people are really interested, i can try and research another way.


EDIT: there are high hopes that a publish without logging in feature will be coming soon. apparently you can do it for text documents (ex-writely), but not for spreadsheets, so i'll assume it's coming soon.


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