Author Topic: Fachschaft meeting 2006-11-13  (Read 2845 times)


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Fachschaft meeting 2006-11-13
« on: 2006-11-16 11:09:54 »
In future, "protocols" of the Fachschaft meetings should be put into this board. I'll make the beginning with the e-mail I send last Monday:

Dear Fachschaft members,

sorry, this is going to be a long e-mail, as there's quite a lot to communicate from today's meeting.

The most pressing issue, finding a time to meet, is still unresolved. Thanks to Anna for taking care of our various schedules - a tough job. As far as I remember, three of our top candidates were:
1. Monday 4-6 (which Johannes and Sladja can't make)
2. Monday 8-9 (which Sladja (?) and Charlotte can't make)
3. Thursday 6-8 (which some people couldn't make)
My suggestion now: Let's meet at a different time each fortnight. That means Monday 8-9 in 14 days' time, two weeks after that we meet on Thursday 6-8. So we can minimize "casualties", as someone put it.
Please discuss this HERE:

Our room today was room 139 of the Brecht-Bau. The rooms around there are specifically for the Fachschaften of the Neuphilologische Fakultät, hence their slobby atmosphere reminding faintly of the spirit of the seventies and eighties. All the money that the Fachschaften from our faculty get from the university goes directly there, for buying office materials and stuff. One or two new computers will probably soon be bought for the room of the Slavistics Fachschaft, who are happy to share their room with us. In a distant future, we might get a key (there's kind of a waiting list because the number of keys is limited). For the time being, we can go there any afternoon, and there's almost always someone who can unlock a room for meeting or working on Fachschaft projects.

The body to address for all these matters is the BRECHT-BAU-PLENUM, a weekly meeting of all Fachschaften in the Neuphilologische Fakultät. It takes place every Thursday at 8:15 PM in room 139 of the Brecht-Bau, just where we sat today. Lyubka, Jon and Andreas will go there this week. If anyone wants to join them, I'm sure this will be appreciated, this week as well as any week after that.

Something you (Lyubka, Jon, Andreas, ...) should do this week at the Brecht-Bau-Plenum:
- find out who to get in contact with concerning our participation in the Markt der Möglichkeiten
- find out who to get in contact with concerning our participation in the Brecht-Bau-Fest
- Vote for buying at least one computer for the room of the Slavistics Fachschaft.

Markt der Möglichkeiten and Brecht-Bau-Fest, what's that?

Well, next Wednesday, November 22, the university will be open to pupils from schools to get to know courses of studies. From 2 PM on, a so called MARKT DER MÖGLICHKEITEN will take place in the Brecht-Bau entrance hall, where students give information about their subjects. Anna, Armin, Charlotte, Jon and anyone who would like to join will do this for General and Computational Linguistics.

On Friday, January 26, as once every year, the walls of the Brecht-Bau will be shaken by a gigantic PARTY organized by the Brecht-Bau-Plenum. For us, as for all Fachschaften, this means a chance to make about 1000  Euro by selling beer and other drinks in a room. Thanks to Guy's immediate enthusiasm, our participation was agreed upon quite quickly. Guy volunteered to be there all night, the rest of us should support him - at least two additional people at a time - in shifts. I will send an additional e-mail to ensure that this matter gets the due attention.

An applause to Jon, our new treasurer, who will open a bank account for the Fachschaft that's free and easily transferrable to successors.

For a Christmas party, combined with a party for Landeslehrpreis laureate Hubert Truckenbrodt, Wednesday, 20 December was suggested - a decision about that should be made at the next meeting.

Final point: The idea of setting up a web forum on our webspace was nodded upon a lot at the meeting. Armin will do this. After that, we will pave the walls of the SfS with nice signs saying and hope that the new forum will be used as discussion and REPLACE our blog as well as the StudiVZ group "Sprachwissenschaft Tübingen" and lengthy discussion via this mailing list.

Thanks for reading and CU soon!
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