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World Music
« on: 2007-06-16 16:34:13 »
Hey folks :D

There's currently a thread on [iscl-talk] about Bulgarian music but I would also like to extend it to any kind of traditional music. As the forum should currently experience some traffic from outside our Fachschaft as TaCoS is currently attracting some visitors (or at least I hope so... ::))

I think I'll just repost what's already there... why am I doing this? Well, almost everybody I show this music to immediately goes something like `WOW! that's awesome!' - the only problem is, that this kind of music is usually not so popular and people just don't know what they're missing!

So, I'll just repost my mail here ;)


Hi Maria,

   thanks very much for the song! It's really quite beautiful and the
first time I heard of Nevena. Interesting this showed up on such a
trivial show as `Idol' where usually only pop-songs are performed.
    You know, Dales `Statistics in NLP' lecture has a very bad influence on
my purse. That's because every time I do the homework I somehow _have_ to go
to amazon and consider buying music. That last homework cost me 50€ but it
seems amazon's not in a hurry to deliver it - July they say...
*mumble* *mumble*...
I bought four Bulgarian CDs and one from a Mongolian Band (Huun-Huur Tu) -
well not actually Mongolian but Tuvan. They have a web page here:

What's really interesting though is their fantastic collaboration with a
Bulgarian band called `Angelite'. There's a video on YouTube here:

This song really makes me think of leaving my studies and go live in the
Mongolian desert... it's very beautiful.[1] `Angelite' is currently one of
the best Bulgarian choirs (you can search for them on YouTube - there's
another video of their performance in an Icelandic (!) church) and
Huun-Huur Tu being one of the most widely known Mongolian bands this
results in a really stunning kind of music. But you should maybe not
listen to it if you are too happy because it is rather melancholic (as
most Bulgarian music is - I don't yet know about Tuvan music but it
seems similar in mood... )

Anywas, thanks for the link. I think I'll consider re-posting this
thread to the fachschaft-forums as it has quite a lot of audience right
now because of the TaCoS.


 [1] And, believe it or not, I consider that to be a /positive/ influence

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