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End of Semester - SS07

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DeMorgan's Last Law: Have an end of semester party!

When shall it be?

What shall it be? A BBQ, hoping summer will come back?

Who volunteers for the organisation?

Well, I won't be able to do it alone, but I could take over a part of the organization. How about the last Friday? BBQ? Where? Again in Pfrondorf? Or shall we misuse SfS again?...

Not Friday, pleeeeease! Make it Thursday! And at the SfS - the weather is too bad.

Laura, that's in two weeks time. Nobody can know what the weather will be like then.

Hm. Thursday is not my favorite option. I guess You're already leaving for America on Friday, aren't you?

Thursday wouldn't be good... Wednesday?  :-\ I might never see most of my fencing companions again after this semester so I wouldn't want to drop out now, at the end...


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