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End of Semester - SS07

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Let's face it: we won't be able to please everyone on this...

Feel free not to please me... But I won't tell you how to ;-)

Honestly, just decide on something, and I'll see whether it's fine for me.
I've had just about enough bickering about dates for the whole semester...

YOU had dates this semester? ;D

@Anna: I have a bottle of Żubrówka! I have a bottle of Żubrówka!!!!

Aleks is right -- I'll conform (come later/leave earlier/[other]).

Aleks - I'm not sure whether I should be proud of you or not.
Proud: you obtained a bottle of Żubrówka.
~Proud: you still have it...

No. On Friday, I'll be dancing tango and getting the last Harry Potter book and completely screwing up my biorhythm by reading it at once and going to sleep some time around noon on Saturday. I'm not going to America this summer. He's coming back (if only temporarily - alas, alas, alas!).

Edith says: If you do the party on Friday, it's going to clash with Hubert's End-of-Semester-and-Goodbye-party. Some people might want to attend that one, too. I should, considering that I am the one and only semantics tutor right now. Alas, no tango dancing for me on that unfortunate Friday!


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