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Hi folks!

This is to mourn the old times, and to prepare you for what is going to come. As you might know, there are three Lehrtühle at the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, partly formerly held by Uwe Mönnich, Erhard Hinrichs and Arnim v. Stechow. Except for my semester, noone will have had courses with Uwe Mönnich, but he's still around! And his position is vacant for more than a year now. It is by now official, that the first candidate on the list (John Nerbonne) has rejected his choice. How that came about (the choice and the rejection) is a totally different story, with examples of strategy and bad style.

The second person on the list is being asked right now, and although many have heard rumors who of the seven original candidates that is, it is not official. For those of you who don't know the inofficial news: You won't know him either, so it doesn't matter. For the others: I haven't heard any other rumors, so just guess that you are right. Apparently people are not allowed to make these rumors official. Whether he accepts or not, it seems that the position will be vacant for at least one more semester.

For the M.A. 2nd semester students that means no additional Hauptseminare in the Wintersemester. I haven't counted the credit points that are available from all courses, but I feel embarassed for having complained last year - considering next year's situation. We still had a choice and a chance to get the necessary points. Next semester there will be few courses, but with surprisingly many CPs (for extra work, I guess). Altogether there will be two or three block seminars, of which only one is in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis yet, the one by Sandra Kübler on Machine Learning. Definitely a good opportunity to get credits in a nice seminar.

v. Stechow's chair is vacant as well, and there won't be a replacement too soon. This time the Fachschaft has sent Aleks and Charlotte into the committee; they will know about the proceedings, but probably won't be allowed to tell :)

Fritz Hamm's contract couldn't be prolonged (because of university regulations). The same holds for Heike Zinsmeister (if I understood that correctly). The SFB is being closed soon, so the people around Laura Kallmeyer, who helped fill the gaps in teaching, will also have to look for something else. Hubert's good-bye party is tomorrow (See you there! As there won't be a SfS party, unfortunately). With 80-90% Frank will leave after this semester. After Zoulfia (whom most of you won't remember) and Sandra this means, there won't be any student advisor any more. This is a point where the Fachschaft needs to kick in!

Some people are already getting into trouble wanting to register for a final thesis, because Frank won't be there and there is noone else to do that. Have I forgotten anyone leaving? Well, me, but that doesn't hurt.

So what will it be like next semester?

4th semester students have already taken almost every Proseminar that's offered next semester. Semantics II won't take place for obvious reasons (unless... but I do not want to put certain people under any pressure *gg*). Today's 2nd semester students of General Linguistics will suffer from a wide lack of courses. Wolfgang Sternefeld is left as the only lecturer in GL, and Elena Bilan will offer a course on Chinese (I haven't asked her, but I believe she would rather want to continue her research).

By the beginning of next semester I believe several things will have been improved compared to today. At least in the BA courses everyone will get their credit points. All others are advised to have a look at the Germanistics and other Brechtbau departments, the Information Science etc.

The Fachschaft was held up by students of the 4th BA and 4th MA semester. We mainly organized the TaCoS. All those people will leave soon. We are leaving you a lot of money for parties, given somebody will take over the account.

Who will continue the Fachschaft? Come on, do something for yourselves! Who will take care of the new first semester students? You! And that means the 2nd semester, MA and BA. Student numbers are going down, and my semester still holds the all-time record of 18 BAs (out of 21 starters)! Those were better times, with more lecturers, more funding from the university, no fees, more parties. Not all hope is lost, though, but filling the positions again will take longer than most of you will be studying.

I wish you all the best. Keep your head up, and if you complain, do it loudly and to the right people.


Wow, so much work on a nice post by a person who's gonna leave anyways ;)

It's all beginning to sound like a real apocalypse by now, I just hope it won't be one. As I'll probably be leaving for good after next year most of this will barely scratch me, but I'm feeling sorry for the SfS because it's just such a nice place after all. Seems as those next years are going to be hollow years for the SfS - I myself will probably want to fill them with learning Hindi and probably Persian, Sanskrit or Arabic and hopefully some interesting seminars about machine learning or even better, AI programming. Unfortunately Tübingen seems to be not the right spot if you're looking for the latter - though it's doing extremely well on the former. I wonder how Indologie are keeping there necks dry as their student numbers are even smaller than ours. By the way, how many are left from our semester? Seven? Eight?

And has anybody heard about the amount of Bachelor applicants for next semester? I heard of a ridiculously small number which I'm ashamed to tell.

To answer a Johannes' question from another thread where it's offtopic:

--- Quote from: johannes on 2007-07-19 23:19:14 ---Wie sieht es eigentlich bei Dir aus, Aleks? Weißt Du schon, was Du nach dem BA machst?

--- End quote ---
Hindi, Sanskrit/Arabisch (eins von beiden, hab mich noch nicht entschieden) und "Mathematische und Philosophische Logik", sowie Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (aber das wird vielleicht langweilig..., hab auch Alternativen überlegt)  an der InfoKog-Fakultät.

Belegt irgendwer den Kurs bei Sandra? Hört sich echt klasse an, ich bin wohl dabei.

And does anybody know of a nice course on neural networks and/or AI programming and other such weird things in Tübingen? I'm even willing to firm my grasp of LISP ;) Just as long as someone's gonna tell me something about smart machines...

Ah, and by the way: there's a "Einführung in Rechtswissenschaften" at the InfoKog-faculty.

Maybe we should just gather interesting alternatives to our courses in other faculties here. Go ahead :)

Thank you for the beautiful poignant speech, Armin. :)

In our semester, there's 8 people left. No matter how few new people are coming, we should get them active in the Fachschaft from the start.

I think our web site needs a decent front-end, where photos of contact persons and a list of activities jumps right at you, not so much our forum index. I alreaday have a draft on my mind which I can translate into XHTML one of the next week-ends.

As for the courses: Yes, I plan to take part in Sandra's course.


--- Quote from: aleks on 2007-07-20 03:27:22 ---Ah, and by the way: there's a "Einführung in Rechtswissenschaften" at the InfoKog-faculty.

--- End quote ---

The computer science department has quite something to offer. This is especially interesting for MA students! However, one needs to ask Frank (or null in the future?) whether that can be counted towards the MA or not.

Looking at the SfS and its future... it's not such a happy situation for us MA people. There is free choice. In theory.

Well... Nice to see everyone in my semester planning to desert after the BA. Can't blame you, though. I'd also do that if noone kept me here...

I am just done writing my Math II exam (yes, I'm doing stuff at the Morgenstelle), next semester it will be Math III and Machine Learning for me - see you there, Aleks - possibly also in Arabic - are you planning to take the 8-hours course next semester?). Oh and I'll be there at Kübler's compact seminar...

As a result, I'm going to spend at most 2 hours (Ereignissemantik) a week at the SfS. Embarassing they can't offer me anything other than that.

For the MA: Well, it seems I'm really better off with the computer scientists at the moment. If the situation has not improved next year, I'll just move over to the Morgenstelle and mourn when looking at the VVZ in Saarbrücken or Potsdam or whereever, where you guys are going to have interesting and enjoyable courses on all those nice topics... Seems I'll have to learn a lot on my own if I want to stay within CL, which I really desperately want. Not too much L (or other kinds of L) and more C, but still...

As for the "people around Kallmeyer" - to which I belong since the beginning of the month - well, at least we/they're going to say another three semesters as well as the rest of the SFB. Until then, the situation at the SfS might have improved. *yes I know please don't*

Aleks, tell me/us: How many people are going to come next semester? What have you heard? *dismal forebodings*

Thanks for offering to do sth about the webpage, Kilian. Now that I'm through with the exams (this thread is really spoiling my relief), I'll be able to support you in that matter. Let's just meet and discuss/design somethign really nice and fancy... Also a nice way for me to refresh my rusty knowledge of web design. *g*


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