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Maybe next summer or so. Depends on too many factors to tell right now.  :'(

Maybe in five years or so, as a junior professor! (If I learn how to do fundraising till then)


--- Quote from: Armin on 2008-11-11 10:14:11 ---I am totally underinformed about the status of the new SFB. Although I concluded there must be a temporal gap between the two, and I was wondering, what are people doing in the meantime?

--- End quote ---
The new SFB is planned for mid-summer next year. In the meantime, people try to keep themselves from starving, I guess. Kepser will probably not be able to finish his course in Formal Languages II, because he's heading 'draußwärts,' hoping to find more luck in the industry. His employment contract will run out by the end of this year, as will all other's contracts.

BTW, please keep in mind that this is a publicly readable forum.


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