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Wow, a real exodus of the fourth semester people! But what am I to say, I'm leaving for a year and depending on how the situation at the SfS will look like -- either come back or leave.
We might not care SO much since we got something else planned but it's not going to be a pleasant time for the younger semesters especially. One can only hope that this depressing situation will not last longer that 1-2 semesters...

Aleks: There is an introduction to computational neuroscience at the gradschool. Don't know if there'll be much programming, but I think I heard something about neural networks.
I'm taking the machine learning class with Sandra, Perl, Linguistic Annotation, Ereignissemantik and that neuroscience thing. And - hopefully - a Russian course. Apart from that, I'm going to relax. Maybe write a book. There must be some good in already having done everything you need to...  :-\

Oh, but wait. Armin, are you actually serious about offering an OT course? Aleks, shall we be so crazy as to try and teach Semantics II? Would anybody be interested?

Johannes, really!  :D I have the same reasons for leaving as you have for staying. The bad prospects concerning the VVZ only confirm a decision I made even before coming here. Would have been the same if I had gone to Potsdam. Or no matter where.

Is there anybody but Dale left to supervise the internships? I probably would have asked him anyway, but I'd like to be the one who chooses.  ;)

Just spent a few minutes at the SfS and had business with Richter and Saile, so I asked them both about what they think of the situation.

Richter will have decided whether he goes by the end of next week, but once more said chances were low. However, he told me they're actually planning to fill in Mönnich's vacancy with a temporary position until his successor comes (whoever that might be). That could already happen this WS, which means that the very lean version of the KVV we got is only a preliminary schedule containing everything they can be sure of being able to offer. However, Richter is sure there will be more seminars taking place than what's in the KVV at the moment... No reason for panicking, that means.

I should have asked Richter about the number of applicants this semester... Saile also only knows the rumours, which seem to be ... pretty bad, and the applications they got allegedly also weren't of very high quality. The main reason for this seems to be that given the tuition fees, basically no one from Eastern Europe or Asia wants to come any more... This is the REAL problem. The temporary lack of professors, teachers and lecturers is transitory, the real threat is lack of interested people on the student's side. Isn't that sad? *sob*

It IS. Of course, with the tuition fees, people won't want to come any more. I'd just like to know whether that's the case in all international courses of study or only here... And let's face it: CL is somewhat an orchid subject, whatever that's in English.


--- Quote from: johannes on 2007-07-20 11:10:46 ---Thanks for offering to do sth about the webpage, Kilian. Now that I'm through with the exams (this thread is really spoiling my relief), I'll be able to support you in that matter. Let's just meet and discuss/design somethign really nice and fancy... Also a nice way for me to refresh my rusty knowledge of web design. *g*
--- End quote ---

Let's absolutely do that. :)

Chat at HT's party revealed there was a total of about 21 applications. I heard that all but five who did not meet certain hard formal requirements were accepted.


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