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The start is near...

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...and we are all doomed...

Has anybody already thought about a start-of-semester party?

What kind should it be?

If we postpone it long enough, we could make it a Halloween party, which would surely please all the dark people.

Besides, will we partly take over the counseling job now that Hubert is gone, or will we trust in others to do that? (Damn, should have asked him to leave us his "What-you-should-do-in-your-minor"-slides...) Any news (or, let's say, permittedly spreadable information...) about how many new students there will be?


--- Quote from: Laura on 2007-10-04 12:51:04 ---Any news (or, let's say, permittedly spreadable information...) about how many new students there will be?

--- End quote ---

According to a reliable source an incredible 10 (!) have accepted their offered place. Let's hope that they all show up at least.

Yesterday I got "confirmed" there were only 8.  :-[

Not much potential for a Fachschaft revival.

I'll still be at IBM for the first week of semester...

--- Quote ---On Monday, 15th October 2007, 4 p.m., we would like to invite all students and lecturers of ISCL for an ISCL - Introductory Meeting at the Auditory room 0.02 of the SfS, Wilhelmstr. 19.

Am Montag, dem 15.10.2007, 18 Uhr c.t., findet im Vorlesungssaal 0.02 des SfS, Wilhelmstr. 19, eine Semestervorbesprechung für das Fach Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft statt, zu der alle StudentInnen und DozentInnen eingeladen sind.
--- End quote --- who can be at the meetings and make sure the new people get active in the forum and - in the case of the CLers - on the mailing lists?

The issue with the meeting is that
a) some people don't go there
b) some leave earlier

Please understand that some MA students have heard the stuff 8 times already, so this is boring.

We could invite all students (especially including the few new ones) in the beginning of the meeting to meet later for a beer at the Irish Pub (or some other place, maybe Bierkeller).

Me & myself won't advertise the mailing list. I'm maintaining it already. If people don't like it can't help it. But keep in mind: Aunt Google isn't reading the list, it's more private... there are some benefits of this.


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