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New Schedule online


New schedule for ISCL and GenLing is on line.

I'm not much of a designer, so it's  ugly, but it gets the job done. Additions, corrections: PM or e-mail me!

PS: Darn, I just had a look at Germanistik's and Anglistik's 'Vorlesungsverzeichnis' - they're like... 5 orders of magnitude more offerings for general Linguistics than here, but they all sound booooooooooriiiing... + they don't fit in such a neat & nice timetable. (Actually, my layout algorithm would be able to do that, I think)

Thanks! :D

HS: Logic Programming for Grammar Implementation (F. Richter) was in the 9-11 slot. Has it moved to 14-16?

Corrected. Thanks.

Updated - more courses :D:

Still not much of a looker, though  ::)


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