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Christmas Party

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--- Quote from: DrNI on 2007-12-12 21:28:21 ---8x10" 600W bass amplifier? Or 1x15" 20W bass amplifier? ;-)

--- End quote ---

Can somebody give me some information on the keyboarders showing up?

I can bring the organ which also fits my tiny guitar amplifier which I could bring as active speaker. However, it might be inconvenient to play for piano players. Or I might drag around the digital piano, but this sounds (apart from the Rhodes sounds) rather stupid over the amp. If anyboy has some useable active speaker (like a 12+2 speaker with volume contrl), please contact me.

One more thing: Musicians who want to play certain pieces instead of jamming around on some modal scale (or blues changes, or 2-chord reggae stuff) should ensure the presence of  [a.1) a singer knowning the song OR a.2) an instrumentalist knowing the tune] AND b) a lead sheet with chords.

Online processing of score will be refused by the rhythm section. ;-)


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