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--- Quote ---Detmar proposed to regularly (once per year) invite someone over for a talk. He
told us about how they did this back in his old days (he studied ASN here at
Tübingen) and it seems to have been quite nice & successful.
--- End quote ---

Sounds interesting! Is that something the Fachschaft did?

Yes, that was the Fachschaft that died, before the Fachschaft, which succeeded it, died, which in turn, we are the successor to now. Once a gain, I englished, good, didn't I?

So, Detmar was a member of the Fachschaft ASN or AS or don't-ask-me-what and they invited some people (once a year) for talks and also led them around in Tuebingen (went to dinner with them, blah, blah, you know, keep 'em happy). That really does sound very interesting and could be one of the Fachschaft's duties/obligations in the future. Hopefully those talks would be better attended by students as other (regular) guest lectures.

So there must be something about the Fachschaft guest lectures that the regular guest lectures don't have. What would that be? More famous speakers? Different topics?


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