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Hi folks,

is there a possibility to have stronger spam protection here? I'm reading the forum in my feed reader. It is somewhat annoying to sit in the office having closeups of certain body parts on the screen. Apart from that single case, the text-based spam is simply annoying.


That's why I have a console based (text-only) feed reader.


I'm not really sure what to do about spam on the SMF forum. Honestly, it's been only one incident so far, and we reacted quickly. Ther are some spam accounts around here. We should delete them, I guess.

Not quite accurate, we're getting several spam posts a day. Seems I was quicker to delete them most of the time. :)

I think the spam protection would get better if we updated the forum software to the current version (1.1.7). This could be most easily done by auto-update on the admin panel.

Prerequisite: Make the forum source writable for the web server.

I would have done that already if the goddamn VPN crap wasn't malfunctioning these days. Either I get no connection the VPN server or I don't get any connection through it.

Aleks, you have the login data to our virtual server, don't you? If you would...? :)

Yes, they've picked up in number, we ought to do something about them.

Sadly, I must say that these account data have proven to be quite…  evasive. I lost them again. Mind sending me an email, Kilian? My key's on the public keyservers, if you need to encrypt it.

With Aleks's kind and professional help, I've been able to update the forum software to the newest version. Let's hope the antispam features have improved since 1.1.2.


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