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Quotes: Chinesisch für Nichtsinologen

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Überschrift des Kursschedules: Nichtsinologie Stufe I

I have no choice but to teach you in English,
but don't worry about that,
I don't like to speak English,
so I will teach you without explaining.

If you want to say something
and you don't know how to say it in Chinese,
forget it,
just give up.

Please don't learn new words from the dictionary by yourself,
because you don't know how to use it,
and you will create really awful Chinese.
Funny? No. It makes me headache.

If you want to review, please check the web sites.

Teacher: Do you want to know the Chinese word for Baden-Württemberg?
Class: NOOO!!!

Lehrerin regt sich darüber auf, dass bei deutschen Telefonnummern nicht wohldefiniert ist, nach welchen Ziffern man beim Sprechen eine Pause machen muss.
Student: Die brauchen so Schachteln im Kopf, die Chinesen.

Everybody used to bring their own chopsticks, now we use a pair of public chopsticks.


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