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Quotes: Computational Approaches to Functional Elements

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Anas: I'm considered way too verbose even in Syria.

And now for the ultimate running gag:

Detmar: Let's devote 10 minutes at the beginning of the next session to this.

Holger: What you're saying is exactly closely related to the point.

Holger: I want to make clear that I don't really want to make it clear.

Detmar: But whe're not really interested in native text, we're interested in why the Russians sometimes leave out articles in English.
Anas: It's a communist plot.
Detmar: Right, it's a communist plot to flood the capitalist brains with additional processing.

Detmar: The trouble ist that most sentences don't just contain one error. Language learners don't isolate it for you.

Detmar: Articles are sexy, prepositions are more complicated, they're a bit baroque.

Detmar: That topic wouldn't be very sexy. I mean, it wouldn't be intellectually very stimulating.

(Anas is talking, Holger and Detmar interrupt him simultaneously, then simultaneously say "go ahead" to each other. After two seconds of confused silence, Anas continues to talk.)


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