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Fachschaft meeting 2006-11-27

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As announced, the next meeting will take place on Monday.

As not announced (but publicly discussed), let's have it at 8 PM rather than 4 PM. So some of the people who couldn't come last time can come now. And the other way round, I'm afraid. But it seems we really have to switch dates and can't ever be all together at a meeting.

Meeting place: One of the Fachschaft-rooms in Brecht-Bau, probably 139.

Bad time for me, unfortunately. I won't be there.

So you won't go dancing either? ;-)

Thanks for moving the date. I'll be able to and I am going to attend.

See you then,

Actually it is dancing that prevents me from visiting the Fachschaft meeting.

Won't be there, not this week.
Do we have that much to talk about anyway? Truckenbrodt Christmas party is far away, not to mention BB-Fest...

See ya Tuesday/next week!


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