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We've got a mailing list:
(redirecting to the actual list

edit by Kilian: Replace u-t by... well, you know. I don't want to write it down here. Those spammers have good computational linguists. Hmmm... career prospects... ;)

Any announcements should go there. If it's a lengthier announcement, or a discussion is to be expected, start a thread here and send the link along with a short description of the topic.

Anything else does not go via the mailing list. Several people have complained about unimportant spam, like "AOL" ( )

Contact Kilian (?) if you want to get onto or off the list.

Do we need this? I personally would like to follow every detail in discussions without having my mailbox spammed shut. Why don't we stick to the forum? Isn't this the best way to have lengthier discussions? And for REALLY important announcements, we still have the old address list, or am I mistaken?

This mailing list is what became of the old list. I forgot to mention: Mails to (edit by Kilian: again, replace...) will be redirected to the mailing list. So one can use either of the addresses.

There was a bit of confusion because when someone wrote to the mailing list and you answered them, the answer went to the mailing list by default! I was taken in by that more than once. That should now be over, I changed the setting at Google Groups.

Thanks, Kilian.


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