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Hi everyone,

I just asked the secretary on the first floor for money to spend on the Christmas party.
She redirected me to Stechow, Sternefeld and Truckenbrodt himself, because the secretary cannot dispose of any money at the moment.

Aleks was so kind as to take over asking these professors for money because he has good contacts with most of them.

Let's have a syntactic Christmas tree made of coathangers decorated with pine branches, the usual decoration and some little parcels containing either nothing or quotations! ;-)

Herr Truckenbrodt offered his financial support, e.g. to buy some warm food so we don't need so many cooks. Nomi suggested a salad buffet. With this mixture, I think, the party is gonna be a culinary success. :D

The coathangers for our christmas tree are there, I got ten from the boutique Haidt. Does somebody have Christmas decoration (like red balls, straw stars etc.)?

I *could* make some cute little parcels if I happen to have the time... in-between the preparations for the Java exam and a very probable Syntax test next Thursday... ;-(

I met Ramon today and persuaded him to bring his speakers. More "who brings what" stuff to come.


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