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Fachschaft meeting 2006-12-14

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Thanks to Anas for reminding me! The next meeting is going to take place next Thursday, 14 Dec at 6 PM 4 PM. This is the last of our three switching meeting times, the one we haven't yet tried. New and exciting! As a meeting place I suggest the Saints and Scholars, a place directly opposite the SfS. Surely there'll be a free table for us to crowd around. :D CU!

- Christmas/After-Landeslehrpreis-Party (Wed 20 Dec, to be announced via e-mail before the meeting, on Monday or so)
- Brechtbau-Hausfest
- ...

how did u get to 6pm?
all the international students have german class
so i guess i will miss it
unless u will move it to 4pm or 8pm

It said 6 PM here, I thought that was okay. I can make it at 4 PM or 8 PM as well. What about the others people from higher semesters? Aleks? Anna? Armin? Charlotte? Johannes? Jon? Laura? Sladja? ...?

4pm - okay
6pm - okay
8pm - finally I want to get to my usual business on Thursday evenings again... and that's not Fachschaft

4pm - okay
6pm - okay
8pm - have my own business to attend to :) yeez, this sounds already so much more serious ;)


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