Author Topic: Quotes: Introduction to General Linguistics (Semantics part)  (Read 2480 times)


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Homework assignment: Give me a list of things that a chair is not.

James Bond is driving a car. <-> A car is being driven by James Bond.
In both cases, we say that James Bond is some kind of *agent* of a driving action.

A language community consists of at least two persons, maybe of one person, if you exclusively talk to yourself.

Today is going to be boring, but Thursday is going to be exciting.

Let's have a five-minute break that doesn't last longer than ten minutes.

I can say "He is almighty" without pointing upstairs, and you still understand who I'm talking about.

To change the intension of "the president of France", you have to conquer France and change its constitution.

The sentence "The pope's wife has a new lover" is neither true nor false because it has a presupposition that is not fulfilled. But maybe you could say "The pope's lover has a new wife" - who knows.

If something happens twice, it also happens once.

God didn't create economy of speech on the seventh day.

It would be weird to answer the question "How did Harry fare in court today?" with "Oh, he got a fine" in a situation where Harry got a fine and was also sentenced to death.

You say with very puzzled eyes that John has at least three cows...

Although I'm a bit older than 18, it's not too weird to say: "Yes, I can go to this movie, I'm already 18" - at least not weirder than the movies you're only allowed to see when you're 18.

Another question that was indirectly adressed to me is whether the open questions in the exam could also be answered in German. That's okay with me - any language I can read is fine. Also if you feel like writing your answers in French, Dutch or Middle Dutch, that's okay. Bulgarian is not allowed.
There was n-ary a tree in sight.