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OK, I think this should go into a separate topic to be easy to look up.

Who will do what on the Fest?

This has to be decided quickly. I'll open a list in the first post of this topic and will update it according to mails and replies to this it. The list should be finished end of this week.

There's also a list of what we are going to buy at the end of the post. This, too will be kept up to date. We should also include a... err... Kostenvoranschlag? An estimation of the money everything's goin to cost.

[*] Guy (Baarkeeping)
[*] Aleks (Baarkeeping)
[*] Bela (Bar)
[*] Charlotte (Bar, The Aufbau)
[*] Nomi (Bar)
[*] Kilian (Bar and anything else... )
[*] Laura (Deco/Cleaning?)
[*] Anna (Aufbau?)
[*] Armin
[*] Johannes (Ehre dem, der den Besen schwingt)
[*] Ramon
[*] Jon

[*] Guy (the Kubani one :))
[*] Aleks (me)
[*] Bela
[*] Charlotte
[*] Nomi
[*] Kilian

[*] Guy and his girlfriend
[*] Charlotte

Spending Friday afternoon in BB (Aufbau)
[*] Jon (thumbs up!)
[*] Kilian
[*] Kubaniguy
[*] Aleks

Cleaning till the early mornin' (Abräumen)
[*] Johannes
[*] Laura
[*] Armin

[*] Will Ramón (is that written correctly?) bring his HiFi?
[*] I can bring my computer... although I have a bad feeling about this...
[*] Nils maybe?

[*] I'm sure as hell Laura will volunteer ;) (Your tree was nice :))

[*] Glasses
[*] Ice
[/list] Alcohol:[*] Cachaca
[*] Rum
[*] Tequila
[*] Wine (Red) (I can get some nice cheap Bulgarian)
[*] Banana
[*] Cherry
[*] Apple
[*] Orange
what else? Can't think of too much right now, because I've got to catch my train...

Bela, Charlotte, Nomi and I have already agreed to do shifts at the bar.

Guy's idea: many, many different national flags
cellophane for the lamps

I guess you can count me in for cleaning up...

I'll stay in reserve to fill in any part (barkeeping, Aufbau, Abbau) where it's needed.

My car volunteers to work, as well.

Count me in on spending Friday afternoon in BB and the first shift at the bar.

Guy and Aleks, you two are the ones with experience and a vision. I think it makes sense if you two are present at the Brechtbau during assembling in the afternoon, and we others serve as henchmen at your bidding (fetching the drinks etc).

Plus one person who is always at the disposal of the central party organization from 1 PM on.

Armin, Jon and I have volunteered to advance money for the drinks if necessary. Guy will tell us what to buy, right?

People who will definitely be there on January 26 from 2 PM on at the latest: Armin, Charlotte, Bela, Anna, Jon and I. More volunteers are appreciated!


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