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Things needed for BBfest

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- ice: 20 - 25 kg
- coolers: as many as possible, if you have one bring it
- refrigerators: at least one
- the 4 old monitors from the Verfügungsgebäude's basement
- flags of all the countries we have students from; if you own a flag, please lend it to us for decoration purposes
- shakers and other mixing devices; punch bowls?
- buckets and icepicks
- a person with a car to go shopping for all the stuff at Metro's this Saturday together with Guy
- volunteers for cutting lemons ;-)

I can bring a cashbox.

Right, I forgot those! I can also bring one - a very neat, green little box... ;-) Do we need more, then?

I found a shaker here... I'll bring it.

I'll bring one along as well.

And I'll start the preparations for the lightshow this weekend. I could maybe attach one Monitor to my laptop so we'll have even more stuff to show off with... 8)


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