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Quotes: Introduction to Pragmatics


Sorry, I've got two ears but only one brain.

Our intuitions as - well, especially yours - as speakers of English about the meanings of words...

J: You know all the words from Grimm's dictionary?
C: Well, let's suppose.
J: No one does.
C: But imagine I am the one.

It must not have been happened.

Da machen wir tatsächlich Zweiergruppen - ich bin mir für nichts zu schade.

...stand in a relation of complete ignorance... (even better: a relation of complete unrelatedness)

What Searle is trying to do is to keep everything vague. What I want him to do is tell us what he should tell us or keep his mouth shut.

That's what Searle might have been written.

I see he announces to give an analysis of promising and then starts telling us some fairy tales about the importance of the measures he takes, which are just ad-hoc modifications. He's pulling our leg. He's constantly playing Old Harry with the reader.

Maybe you could say the worse definitions are those which are obviously circular.

Ich hätte Roboter werden können.

If some guy is stalking you in the street and you tell him: "Do me a favor and piss off", what kind of speech act would that be?

(Pragmatics as the Anglistik department)

In saying that it was raining, I was not betting or arguing or warning. I was simply playing football.

It's very hard for a river bank to be new.

Scheiße, das war mein nächstes Beispiel.


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