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This thread is meant to ensure everyone gets his or her belongings back.

Georgiana was looking for her pink scarf. There had been one, but later I couldn't see it anymore. Any ideas, anyone?

Charlotte is looking for her cell phone.

My car is full of stuff right now. It's pretty much unsorted. I'll update this posting once I sort it. Here's the beginning:

- blue rope: Guy?
- a lot of cables: Kilian, Englisches Seminar?
- British flag, needs to be cleaned somehow
- German and American flag: Jon
- Butterbrotpapier: Laura
- Spectrograms: Guy, do you want them back?
- transparent tape, packing tape
- a roll of garbage sacks: Guy?

Guy, I need to know what bottles are Pfand on, and whether there would be a problem if I just took them to the next store.

There are six of those nozzles (what are they called? - what we put onto the bottles.). Who wanted to have these?

How was the cleaning (after 4:20am)? Do we get our deposit back? The room looked quite fine, but the Brechtbau altogether...

Wo habt ihr die rote Sackkarre hingetan? Die gehört (steht auch recht unleserlich drauf) Hubert, und der will die am Montag wiederhaben.

hi armin
i dont need the spectrograms
i need my coller , the ladel(the thing we used to put the ice in the cups)
my blue plastic box and the tupper
and the rest of the sprudel bottles (if thez are full)
i think that is all but i am not sure
i will be in tubingen on sunday evening so maybe we can meet and i will take my stuff
all the other pfend bottles can be taken to the nearest place you know
thanks again for everything
the british flag belongs to nomi but if it needs cleaning i can take it here and put it in the laundry

Hi folks,

first of all thank you for a great organization and all the effort you put into this. Yes, it was a maor success and we can be very proud of ourselves that as such a young Fachschaft we managed to be so popular (and sell this much).

Cleaning took till about 8 AM (just woke up, every limb hurts) and yes, our room was accepted, BUT:

Something went wrong with the paperwork. I had to sign the BBP's form, but the form they had to sign in turn was not at my disposal - I didn't even know of it. That didn't work too well.

I don't know whose fault it is, but: the board and all the tables and chairs were aligned into the wrong direction, so I had to rearrange the furniture alone, without anyone helping me. It's not that it wasn't a nice change between cleaning the privies and sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, but, still this could have been avoided. (anyone drew a plan during assembly? there was supposed to be one)

Laura, I deposited your coathangers behind the smoker's dustbin in front of the SfS.

OK, I guess I have done my share. See most of you on Monday and a happy weekend still.

my cell phone was probably stolen. i went to the vodafone shop today and got my sim card deactivated. the good thing is that I will get a new sim card with my old phone number, so it is not that bad.

Yes, there was a plan of the tables, but I don't know where it had gone.

You've definitely done your share, Johannes. Thanks a lot.


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