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Who can I talk to around here?!


For example ME!

I guess most of you ;) can figure out what my name is so there's no need to write that now. Anyway, I'm here for the General Linguistics people who have ANY questions about the Fachschaft, our wonderful Seminar, the ever greater university, time, space and life! The only questions I will not answer are of personal type  :wink:

You can either email me: or call me on skype: nenil009 or look for me in the SfS (the one wearing black, green glasses, and, as has lately been pointed out, with a loud voice...  :roll:  :wink: )

Otherwise, if you want to learn more about me, you can always look up my profile in the StudiVZ. Link is here:

See ya and may the forces of evil be confused on the way to your house!

In case Anna is not around, or anytime else you like, you can also always address me. I'm hard to miss: Long hair, read beard, glasses. You can also contact me via armin.buch@student.uni-...


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