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Hey there,

Guy and I had the idea to have another party at the SfS or maybe somewhere else, similar to the first party we did. How about last Friday of this semester, being 16th of Feb.?

Some people (including me) have a syntax seminar afterwards, but hey, don't be ridiculous, we can have a party anyways... at least a small one, right before everyone gets back home...

I think the Fachschaft has done some great deal to bring folks from the different courses closer together... we should keep up the good work.


Regards, Aleks

I'll bring cups, straws, tea lights, and maybe a shaker and a bowl for ice.

After all the money earned is for further Fachschaft events. After everyone's paid out we know how much we can spend. The money has to last till next year's BB-Fest, that's about 5 parties.

If the people with an exam are fine with that day, let's do it.

The date sounds okay to me, there's the weekend in-between, in any case. And if even I'm saying it's okay, who else should object?  ;D I hereby explicitly allow Aleks and Guy to break the glasses left from the candles  *iff* they can find someone who's getting married to honour with that slightly destructive act :D . If I manage to, I can finally bake a CYCake... my last exam is on Thursday, so...

The question is how many people will still be in Tü. I mean, it would be cool to have a party and I'm all pro but let's just make sure first that we don't spend too much money on a modest Fachschaft party ;)

Well, it's exactly on the day of the last lectures... so maybe most students *should* still be here...


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