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As you know, Arnim v. Stechow will retire. A committee will be founded to decide on his successor. This includes among the important people also two students. I can't tell exactly what they have to do; basically they join all the meetings, see all presentations by applicants, and they are allowed to nod their head if decisions are taken, probably more. You will find out.

So we need two volunteers who are interested in how the General Linguistics department is continued. This is the most important change there in decades. If you want to take influence on that or at least be informed as one of the first, you should join that committee. Two people, not more. Reply here, and if there are no objections, you're in.

I'm sorry that there is not much time left to think about that. Herr Sternefeld couldn't tell me exactly when the committee is set up, but it will be very soon.

As I just learned from Prof. Hinrichs,

* the Berufungskommission will be founded next Wednesday
* we should know by then what two student representatives want to be in there
* idealiter we should contact the student representatives in the Fakult├Ątsrat and ask them to vote our two candidates into the Berufungskommission
* the student representatives in the Fakult├Ątsrat's last names are Bentz, Bock, and Klause
* contact to them can probably be established via the Brechtbauplenum
* if we can't contact them in time, we should just name our two candidates to Prof. Hinrichs
* the main work of the Berufungskommission will take place in SS07, some maybe in WS07/08
* if a student representative drops out of the Berufungskommission, there can't be a re-election - so it's im important that our people stick to it, or we'd lose the place

How fast does the decision need to be taken? Till the end of this week I'll know for sure whether I will going abroad and I wouldn't want to volunteer if I leave for WS07/08...

Before Wednesday.

Hum, OK...

I am interested in how the linguistics department will proceed, since they're feeding me (no, no comments on this, Laura, they really do ;D)

So, I think we should make a list of people that want to and then if there are more than two, they'll just meet and discuss who wants to walk in there and nod his head...

I hereby volunteer...


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