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German Courses
« on: 2007-02-07 14:45:43 »
I just wanted to add something about the German courses, which we discussed yesterday (tuition money meeting).
What came to my mind is that the courses I spoke about are actually also organised by the people in Wilhelmstrasse 9. They are under the ISP - Internationale Sprachprogramme Tuebingen:
They have many different German courses, with different levels, I think that the Evening classes are part of these courses, but probably the level is not what you expect or look for. Probably you have to see what courses are offered next semester (from the web page), see the description of the courses, and choose something you prefer. But actually, the courses there are either quite advanced, or more relaxed (one can see that also from the description).
Courses, like German 1, German 2, German 3, and which I have heard good things about, are:
But the time is not so appropriate for us probably, they are quite intensive during the semester (but worth doing afaik).
Courses, which I have done in ISP are:
Intensivkurs praktische Phonetik (relaxed, but good)
Vorbereitung fuer DSH (advanced and good)
Quasselkurs (relaxed, but good)
Deutsche Grammatik für Fortgeschrittene (I haven't done this, but it is very good afaik).
Pay attention to the registrations - they are quite early (just read carefully the web page).
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