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Hello folks!

The Fachschaft has received a letter of the Vollverammlung where we were invited to make a Clubhausfest.

To those of you that are not familiar with it:
Clubhausfest is a party at the Clubhaus (it's just on the other opposite side of the Wilhemstraße, facing Neue Aula) and it's  somewhat comparable to the Brechtbaufest, but smaller, of course. It's every Thursday throughout the semester and it means one hell of a lot of work for us - but maybe also quite some money. Some Fachschaften are pretty legendary for their Clubhausfeste and maybe we could give it a try.

If we want to, we should apply for a date soon, meaning: before Feb. 12th. (that's next Monday). We have to tell them three dates: our favored one, our second in favor and the third...

There's one restriction to the date however: I advise you to not do it on June 14th, since that's TaCoS's day and we probably won't have enough capacities.

Remember: If we are going to do this, we need all members of the Fachschaft and probably even some more people.

As I said: don't underestimate the workload, but it can mean a lot of fun as well and almost every Fachschaft organizes one or another Clubhausfest and it could again fill our bank accounts - maybe even in a similar way than BB-Hausfest.
But I am not that familiar with the topic and I think Johannes and probably Armin know more about it.

Regards Aleks

(Oh, yes, I forgot to cast my vote: I think we should try to get a date and do it after TaCoS, that is, applying for the end of June or beginning of July!)

The Clubhausfest involves much more work than the Brechtbaufest. We'd need DJs, a lot of technical equipment, maybe security (they started having this), drinks (there seems to be a regular supplier) and 10 people per shift. That means basically everyone of us.

I'd preferably go for the clean-up shift this time.

That's nice of you - but there's still nine more to go for that shift...

OK, eight that would be, because I would join.

We should make a quick estimation whether or not we would be able to do it.

Guy, what about you and the other 1st semester students? Who would be willing to help?
I think for the second semester we can count on Kilian, (Johannes?, Laura?), me ... um... and who else?

Other than that, Armin, Ramon?, Jon?, Sladja?... Who did I forget?

That's far from being enough... only about ~10...

Let's also have a quick estimate of expenses and income, because I think we would have to spend some 3000€ (+/- 1000€).


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