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CAMPUS, the university's portal for course registration (and pretty much everything else), is not very popular among the SfS staff. This is why some of the information is incorrect or missing. This page is a place to share the latest CAMPUS errata and their corrections.

General Advice regarding CAMPUS

You need a ZDV account to log into CAMPUS. Students get their account data when they enroll at Tübingen University. Contact campus ät verwaltung döt uni-tuebingen döt de for support. However, most of the Vorlesungsverzeichnis (list of all courses at the uni) is visible to the public.

Mr Sauer at the Prüfungsamt (examintation office) can authenticate CAMPUS printouts, enter paper Scheins, or correct mistakes in your grades.

As stated initally, CAMPUS is not very popular among lecturers, especially in ISCL. This is why usually, there is no need to register for any courses in advance. If you're unsure, contact your lecturer.

Tutorials are usually not shown in CAMPUS. They are scheduled during the very first meeting of the course.

If in question about anything, ask the lecturer, email the Fachschaft, and, in any case, come to the Introductory Meeting.

Please also note that courses announced for e.g., 10am, don't start at 10am sharp. Read our section on course schedule times for more information.

WS 2012/13

  • Room 2.28 is the same as room 2.26, the computer lab. (They opened the other door.)
  • "Syntax" with Udo Klein and Johannes Wahle takes place Tue & Thu 10-12 and Fri 8-10 in room Blochbau 1.13. The first session is on Tuesday 16 Oct.
  • "Natural Language Processing with Python" takes place Mon 10-12 & 14-16 and Wed 12-14.
  • If you want to take "Negative Polarity Items" or "Constraint-based Semantics", either come to Brechtbau 035 on Tue 16th Oct 10 c.T. for a brief meeting, or send Frank Richter an email in advance.
  • "Corpus Annotation of Information Structure" starts on Wed 17th October.
  • "Computational Linguistics II: Parsing" by Chris Culy starts Tue 23rd October.
  • "Programming Course Computational Linguistics II" by Dale Gerdemann starts Tue 23rd October.

SS 2012

  • If you are required to take "Text Technology", but would also like to do "LaTeX for Linguists", please contact Prof. Sternefeld by email: wolfgang döt sternefeld ät uni-tuebingen döt de
  • The tutorials (Übungen) for "Grammar Formalisms" take place Wed 16-18. either Wed 16-18 or Fri 12-14. The exact date will be scheduled in the first meeting of the course.
  • If ISCL is your minor, you can replace "Statistical Language Processing" with any Hauptseminar, as long as it gets you 9 ECTS. Talk to the lecturer of the Hauptseminar and your study advisor if you want to do this.
  • "Noticing and Awareness in Second Language Acquisition" starts on April 30th.
  • "Suffix Arrays for NLP" is taking place on Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 and Thursdays 10:00-14:00 (4 hours) (the session from 12:00-14:00 is in the lab) "Suffix Arrays for NLP" will only take place on Tuesdays. The Thursday meeting may be re-scheduled, and a third meeting (lab session) may be arranged for. Details will be discussed during the first session.
  • "Algebraische Semantik - Linguistische Anwendungen in der Mereologie" takes place in room 035 in the Brechtbau.
  • The study advisor for internship-related questions is Verena Henrich, not Dale Gerdemann.
  • "Phonetik / Phonologie I" starts Thursday April 19th. You must register for the course in Ilias using the key provided during lecture. Attendance in tutorials is mandatory.
  • "Syntax 2" has been re-scheduled to Tuesdays 12-14 in room 1.13.

WS 2011/12 Errata

  • The "Grundlagenmodul Syntax" (aka "Syntax 1") takes place on Tue 10-12 (not 12-14), Thu 10-12, and Fri 8-10. Prof. Sternefeld has confirmed this. The room is 0.02 on all three days. on Tue and Thu, and Hörsaal 01 in the Neue Aula (Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1) on Fri.
  • "Computational Linguistics II: Parsing" takes place Tue 12-14 and Thu 12-14 (not 14-16). Chris Culy confirmed this during the Introductory Meeting. Update: The time given in CAMPUS is correct. Prof. Meurers has confirmed this on October 11, 2011.
  • "Modelle der Satzverarbeitung" with Petra Augurzky has been scheduled to Wed 10-12 in room 1.13.
  • The room and building for "Mathematics for Linguistics" have now been shifted to building Kupferbau (Map). Class meetings on Monday's are in Room 21 and on Wednesdays in Room 22.
  • Students of General Linguistics and incoming ISCL M.A. students with little or no programming knowledge should definitely check out "Statistical Corpus Linguistics". Due to a bug, this course doesn't show up under AS in CAMPUS, but only under CL. The place and time for this course have changed, please refer to the course website for details. If you still want to join the course, please send an email to Frank Richter (fr ät sfs döt uni-tuebingen döt de).