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This is a German-English dictionary of terminology relating to our Fachschaft, university politics, and the University of Tübingen in general. Feel free to add anything that people wouldn't find in normal online dictionaries or that is specific to our university!

The University now has an official German-English glossary, and a bilingual list of all majors.

German English
Arbeitsgruppe/ Projektgruppe task group (temporary)
Arbeitskreis work group (permanent)
AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) AStA (student representation that can only decide on cultural, social, and sports-related issues)
Fachschaft Fachschaft (either an organization of students of one or several related subjects, in our case of General and Computational Linguistics (informal use), or all students of a faculty (official definition))
Fachschaftsbezirk Fachschaft district (all students of one or several related subjects, in our case of General and Computational Linguistics)
Fachschaftsbezirksvollversammlung general assembly of the Fachschaft districts
Fachschaftsrat council of all Fachschafts
FSVV (Fachschaftenvollversammlung) FSVV (General Assembly of the Fachschafts; this council also acts as a political party)
GHG (Grüne Hochschulgruppe) GHG (youth organization of the Green Party (GRÜNE))
Hochschulgruppe university group, (division of a) political party at at university
Jusos (Jugendorganisation der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands (SPD)) Jusos (youth organization of the Social Democratic Party (SPD))
Landeshochschulgesetz State University Law (of Baden-Württemberg)
LHG (Liberale Hochschulgruppe) LHG (youth organization of the Free Democratic Pary (FDP))
Piraten HSG Piraten HSG (youth organization of the Pirate Party (PIRATEN))
RCDS (Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten) RCDS (youth organization of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU))
Referent secretary, member of the executive branch who is concerned with a specific subject matter
Satzung consitution
Satzungsentwurf proposal for the constitution (of the VS)
Studierendenparlament (StuPa) students' parliament
Studierendenrat (StuRa) students' council
Urabstimmung constitutional vote
Unabhängige Studierendenvertretung independent student representation
Verfasste Studierendenschaft (VS) student representation (the new one with actual political power)