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We are looking for people who would like to organize a party, an outing, or any other kind of social event! Please go to the page on future events for tips on organizing events.


Winter Semester

17.11.2016 (Monday) Intro Meeting and Stammtisch

18.11.2016 Ersti-Cafe

20.11.2016 Pub Crawl

21.12.2016 Christmas Party

Summer Semester

11.04.2016 (Monday) Latex-Workshop, Introductory Meeting and Stammtisch at Saints and Scholars (Irish)

21.04.2016 Clubhausfest together with the Fachschaft Germanistik


Winter Semester

12.10.2015 (Monday) Stammtisch after the Introductory Meeting at Saints and Scholars (Irish)

13.10.2015 (Tuesday) Ersti-Beratung/-Cafe in 1.13 (Wilhelmstraße 19)

16.10.2015 (Friday) Kneipentour/Pub Crawl starting at 8 pm (Meeting Point: Wilhelmstraße 19)

29.10.2015 Clubhausfest together with the Fachschaft Germanistik

06.-08.11.2015 Ersti-Hütte/SFS-students'-weekend at the Waldheim in Albstadt-Tailfingen

16.12.2015 Christmas Party * SfS-Weihnachtsfeier

Summer Semester

16.04.2015 Clubhausfest together with the FS Germanistik and the FS Anglistik


Winter Semester

13.10.2014 Stammtisch after the Introductory Meeting

14.10.2014 at 17:30 Ersti-Beratung/-Cafe in 1.13

16.10.2014 Clubhausfest together with the BBP and the FS Anglistik

17.10.2014 Kneipentour starting at 8 pm

24.-26.10.2014 Ersti-Hütte at the Naturfreundehaus in Enzberg

17.12.2014 Christmas Party * SfS-Weihnachtsfeier

Summer Semester

04.07.2014 Spring Barbecue at the WHO

10.04.2014 Clubhausfest Spring Brecht together with the Brechtbauplenum and the FS Amerikanistik



Welcome Meeting

On Thursday 25th of October we thought of meeting in the Bierkeller (in the basement under the Mensa Wilhelmstraße) and then maybe go to the Clubhausfest (in the Clubhaus, Wilhelmstr. 30, opposite the fountains). A table at the Bierkeller is reserved at 9pm. Those of you who are interested, especially the first semester students, but also the student from other semesters, are cordially invited. If you want to come, please indicate this on the mailing list.