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UPDATE 2014: The Fachschaft tries to create a new exam folder. If you have old exams (ISCL/Gen.Ling.) you want to contribute just write to the mailing list or get in touch with the currently active members! The folder is at the moment at the SFB (Nauklerstraße) at Nadine's office and doesn't include that much exams. But we hope that changes. =)

Soon there will be a list of collected exams here.

History of the exam folder:

The Fachschaft (originally in 2008: Laura, as of 2012: nobody?) maintains a collection of exams and exercise sheets from past semesters. If you want to browse the archives or have something to contribute, please write to the Fachschaft mailing list.

The exam folder can now (as of 2008, and possibly still) be found on a shelf in the aisle on the first floor. If you cannot find it, ask the HiWis at room 1.25.

The post of exam custodian is currently open and the structure of the exam collection needs to be thoroughly revised. Apply!