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I'm supposed to donate??

Yes, you are. Donate everything you have:

  1. Your ideas
  2. Your improvements to the site
  3. Your gold teeth
  4. All your money
  5. Code snippets or even real programs that we can link to and archive
  6. Reviews on courses you might think are worthwhile for a Linguist or CL-nerd
  7. Reviews on courses you despise of and would not recommend taking (give your reasons/criticisms/mockings)
  8. Coffee (for Kilian)
  9. Useful links collection

how am I supposed to contribute?

If you're not familiar with editing Wikis, it's easy! Just give it a shot. First of all, however, you'll need an account (Upper right corner, yes that's right). Then just go on and create pages as you like, edit the old ones, and stay in touch with us at our mailinglist.

All your contributions are under the Non-commercial attribution 3.0 license.