Fachschaft Meeting:No2

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Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2008

Attending Members

Topics Discussed

  1. Program of our Open Doors Day in May. General outline of the content that is going to be presented. Please refer to the link above to see the progress.
  2. Examination folders are almost complete for the first two semesters. If you still have exams from your 3rd or 4th (or later) semester, please forward them to Laura. Term papers from BA and MA seminars are also welcome!
  3. Once the folders are complete and we have the appropriate permission from all teachers we will put them online as part of the Fachschaft website.
  4. We need a slogan and/or design ideas for our Open Doors Day and its posters.
  5. Our Wiki needs more content. For the sake of simplicity this page could help to serve as a TODO list.
  6. The outcome of the Fachschaft meetings will be documented in the Wiki from now on. You can find a list of all Fachschaft meetings, sorted by date, here.

Tasks Assigned

  1. Desi will talk to Mr. Hinrichs tomorrow about several different things, including a set date for our ODD2008 and a key for 1.13 to hold future meetings there
  2. Laura will still collect more exams, go and give her some! She will also ask Marie and Frank whether it is OK to publish their exams so that the first semester students can benefit from them right away
  3. Johannes is working on the programs for ODD, but please, don't think he'll do it alone! Any input is appreciated.
  4. Laura will ask EML about sponsorship and probable talks at ODD
  5. Aleks will make the posters and probably a logo for ODD. Again, any further input is appreciated!

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Friday, February 15th at 4 p.m. in room 1.13.