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Friday, Feb. 15th 2008

Attending Members

Topics Discussed

  1. news about the money we applied for: It seems that most of the money was granted, however, there are unclarities about what came of the money for webpage management. We agreed to keep an eye on whether the use of the money complies with what the Fachschaft had to sign for.
  2. A central board (possibly on this wiki) for HiWi jobs should improve the transparency of the HiWi job market. While some already overwrought students are offered HiWi jobs on a regular basis, there are other students who would also like to have a job but are never offered one. To make this process more transparent and open up opportunities for all, the Fachschaft plans to provide a virtual pinboard where staff can leave notes about free HiWi posts, possibly also students looking for jobs could post their skill profiles and contact data.
  3. Open Door Day: By next week, we should know whether IBM and EML can come on May 3. IBM seem a little critical, EML have declared willingness in principle, but we do not have a definitive answer yet. Once we have fixed the date, we can finalize posters and brochures to be sent to high schools and universities. Info material should also be present at the various information desks of the university, e.g. in the Kupferbau, in the Brechtbau and at the Studentensekretariat. By the middle of next week, Aleks will have completed a first draft of the poster that can then be refined until the week after. Once the poster drafts are ready, they will be printed and stocked. We won't distribute the posters until the beginning of April because otherwise people might forget about this event in the meantime. We also agreed that fellow students not participating in Fachschaft discussions should be informed about and be enabled to enlist for the ODD, existing mail address lists will be used for this purpose.

Tasks Assigned

  1. Kilian will adapt the TaCoS brochure material for the ODD and unearth the form for making room reservations
  2. Desi will mail Annette about booking the seminar room 1.13 on May 3 and compile a list of relevant universities
  3. Maria will compile a list of high schools in the area with their postal addresses
  4. Johannes will continue to work on the programs for the ODD
  5. Laura will ask EML about a guest talk at the ODD on May 3
  6. Aleks will make the posters to advertise the ODD until next weekend

Next Meeting

The next regular Fachschaft meeting will be held after the break on Tuesday, April 15.