Fachschaft Meeting:No6

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Time: 2008-06-10, 6 p.m. Place:


  • Anas
  • Desi
  • Kilian
  • Laura


  • We have 11 days, and nobody has registered yet.

Things to Organize

  • Welcome desk


  • send out the press release, call newspapers at the same time: Laura
  • send out an e-mail message to the lower semester students that there will be a talk by EML: Anas
  • do the shopping (pretzels, drinks...): Desi
  • ask Frank to give a talk we have enough probably
  • make orientation sheets signposts
  • make schedule: Laura DONE!
  • make information sheets with programme and other helpful information: Desi
  • print posters: Desi
  • put posters up at
    • Sand and Morgenstelle: Plan's to ask Johannes
    • WHO: Anas
    • Südstadt: Plan's to ask Nomi and Miriam

Next Meetings

  • Friday 13, 1pm
  • Monday 16, 6pm, Saints&Scholars