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How can I connect to the SfS server from my home computer?

You can connect to the SfS server ( not only via the computers at the SfS, but also remotely over the Internet. This is a prerequisite for accessing your SfS e-mail account, your home folder, certain applications and resources provided by lecturers.

In order to connect to Urobe, you need to be within the university network. This is automatically the case if you

  • are working on any computer of the university
  • are using the Internet connection of a dormitory which uses the university network.

Otherwise, you need to connect to the university network using a VPN connection. Setting this up is a bit complex, so there is a page of its own for it: VPN.

How can I access my SfS e-mail account remotely?

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How can I access files on the server remotely

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